Plastic injection molding quotation


If you just start up to purchase custom plastic injection molding parts. This page is very useful for you. Also if you would like to purchase moderate price of plastic injection molding with high quality and nice service, this page is also very useful. Majority of buyers did not offer the same specification for plastic molding inquiry, then they answer different questions from different molding suppliers. As molding factory offer based different molding specification, you get big different price.


Plastic injection molding quotation


Before plastic injection molding, you know you should purchase a plastic injection mold to form the plastic injection molding parts. Then you should consider the plastic injection mold cost first. Generally there is correlation between injection mold price and plastic molding cost.  You should read full of this page to understand how to choose the suitable solution for yourself.

To have moderate plastic injection mold price


To choose right mould steel is the first step to have moderate price for injection mold. You should consider the production qualities, resin and color etc. We have a page on our web “Choose right mould steel for injection mold making“. From this page, you will have right ideal to choose the correct and moderate solution.

If you have different color for plastic injection molding, please kindly read this page“Plastic injection molding color quantities affect the unit price” and “Plastic parts color affect the injection mold layout”

In case you have different parts in one mold, you can review page “Family mold to reduce the mold cost” .

Except for above, multi-cavity mold is a good solution to reduce the unit price for plastic injection, it depends on that how many quantities you need to produce. Generally should assure the injection machine to run 5 days in 24 hours at leat, then it is a best solution to have reasonable unit price and mold cost for you. But you can accept higher unit price and lower mould cost, you can consider to use less cavities. You can inquiry with your plastic mould supplier with different cavity to compare the price. If you can tell your plastic molding factory how many quantities you need to order each time and how offen you will order each year, then it is easier for molding manufacturer to offer moderate injection mould price and injection moulding price.


To have moderate plastic injection molding price


There are a few factory to offer injection molding cost.


Clear Plastic injection molding quotation

Resin, generally you should consider your product function to choose the right resin. If you have no experience, you can tell your plastic molding factory product funcation and where you are going to use your product and how you are going to use your product.

Cavity, the more cavities, the higher mold and the lower unit price.

Color, Generally plastic molding factory offer the unit price based on different color, please let your molding factory know the quantities based on different color.

Certification of resin, you should let your molding manufacturer know the certification you need before order to prevent misunderstanding and argument.

Quantities, it is very simple to understand you need to let your moulding manufacturer know how many quantities you need to order each time.

Lead time,   this is also very important factor to affect unit price, specially on large volume plastic injection molding.

Secondary process, there are a few secondary process such as painting, printing, plate, laser cutting, package and assembly etc. process. Sometime you do not need. But anyhow you should know if your supplier is capable to offer this secondary service for you. For small volume injection molding production, it is not a reasonable solution to choose different factory to handle the secondary process by yourself due to there is higher manage cost and you probably need to under take the scrape rate.

In case it is a large project, you have many parts in one product. You can consider to collect all of the information in one BOM to offer to your plastic moulding factory. You can read page “BOM for complex plastic products inquiry to have competition”

In a word, you can try to understand more for above factor, and offer the same specification to all of the plastic injection moulding manufacturer. Then it is easier to choose the right moulding manufacturer. Then you have less argument with moulding factory.

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