Ultimate strategy for clear plastic molding

To make high quality and afford price clear plastic molding products, you should give importance on both injection mold and plastic molding.  We will talk about to control plastic mold quality first, then we will talk about the injection molding clear parts.

Ultimate strategy for clear plastic moldingNo. 1 Choose right mold steel for clear plastic molding mould.

As you need to reach mirror polishing on cavity and core of injection mold for clear plastic parts. You have to choose high quality stainless steel for core and cavity. Based on different request for the polishing, you have different choice for the mold steel, then you have affordable price.

To choose your steel for core and cavity based on the polishing request. If you need above SPI A3 polishing, you have choose ASSAB S136  or NAK80 steel. At the same time, if the mold life or production capcity is more than 300000shots, you have to consider ASSAB S136 through hard steel.  If you need the polishing is around SPI A3 or lower than this, then you can choose FINKL 420 or China LKM 420 steel. Anyhow if the mold life is less then 300000 shot, you can choose prehard LKM 420 steel too.

NO. 2  Choose right injection mold factory to make the mold for clear plastic molding.

The plastic mold manufacturer should have experience for injection mold manufacturing for clear plastic product. On purchasing process, you need to have your mold factory to show you study case for clear plastic mold manufacturing. The best practise to have reference customer to prove it.  On the polishing process, it is very important to control the polishing method. In China most of mold maker is outsourcing for mirror polishing. There is professional mold polishing shot to finish the mirror polishing processs.

No. 3. Have the right draft angle for clear plastic product

If there is not enough draft angle for clear product, then it is easier to have scratch during clear plastic product injection molding.  If this is happen, you have to have mirror polishing again, if it is not solved. Then you have to chane your product design with big draft, it is terrible. So during design for manufacture process, your injection mold maker should have enough experience to carry out which draft should be suitable.

No. 4. Have less ribs as possible on the design if you need mirror polishing.

It is diffcult to polish the plastic ribs due to it small gap for polishing operators. It is diffcult to work. Please try to optimize your plastic product design as possible to reduce the ribs. Also for the clear plasit product, you also need to consider to have insert for the thin rib, then there is venting for the ribs, then it is easier to have the resin to fill into the gap to form ribs.

No. 5 Choose right plastic injection machine.

Lots of China injection programmer do not know the injection screws affect the injection result. For clear plastic parts, generally it is PC or PCTG resin. There is PS, SAN and PMMA etc. Generally smaller injection screw is easier to have good result. Nowdays, the injection machines guys will suggest right injection machine to shot different resin and product.

For thin wall and thick wall clear plastic molding, it is different to choose right injection machine. For thin wall clear plastic molding, you should consider high speed injection machine, generally in Japanese injection machine, it is electronic injection machine. For thick wall clear plastic molding, you can choose hydraulic injection machine, but you need to choose higher servo motor with smaller injection screw, then it is easy to shot thick wall clear plastic molding parts. In SEASKYTOOLING, we customize both kinds of injection machine to shot thin wall clear plastic parts and thick wall plastic molding parts.

No. 6 To get high quality clear plastic molding parts.

For common clear plastic molding parts, you can produce in generall injection plant. But for high quality clear plastic parts such as lens and light guide, you have to injection molding clear parts in clean room. SEASKYTOOLING have ISO 8 clean room for clear plastic molding.

If you need to know more about SEASKYTOOLING China plastic molding manufacturer, please kindly watch below video.

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