Turnkey to compare the plastic molded product manufacturing price

Plastic molded components manufacturing

Have you faced below issue during your inquiry

  • Price is very big difference from your China mold supplier
  • Unbelievable high price
  • Unbelievable low price

How you can do this better to compare the mold and plastic molded product manufacturing price ?

If you are professional I think you can do this for the mold quotation

  • Specify the mold steel
  • Learn what steel is available in China and price level
  • Specify the mold life
  • Specify the mold base
  • Specify the mold cavity
  • Specify the resin with supplier brand
  • Specify the surface fining for your product and mold

If you would like know more, read below

Custom plastic molded part

When you specify the mold steel not just specify H13 or P20 etc., you can specify the steel like LKM H13 and Finkl P20 etc. You can specify the mold steel company brand as the price from different company are difference.

For the mold base, most of customers need the DME or HASCO standard thanks to that the components can be interchanged in North America and Europe.  To fulfill this demand China mold base supplier meet the market demand to custom make the mold base with DME components or HASCO components, this kind of mold base is still cheaper than the original mold base from HASCO or DME, but it is more expensive than the China standard mold base.

To be honest, China LKM mold base should be the best on based on economy and quality.

Custom standard mold base is more expensive than the standard one. Normally it is from two to three times more expensive.  Most of the non-standard mold base is custom made in China mold base company.

Same resin from different resin supplier is not the same.

If there is any simple way not request so professional as I just start to purchase the plastic molded products?

  • You can inquiry from one of mold supplier what looks very professional
  • Tell your mold company that you need economical or high quality
  • Ask your mold supplier to specify the information like mold steel, mold life, mold cavity and steel supplier etc.

If you just need the plastic products and no need to move the mold in your countryThermoplastic molded automotive plastic part

Basically, tell your molding supplier:

  • What kind of quantities you will order each time
  • How frequency you will order
  • The plastic product life (like how long you will order this product  or you would like to use this mold to produce how many parts)
  • Plastic product surface finishing or secondary process
  • What your plastic product used for

If it is multicavity mold or you have lots of product to make, tell your molding manufacturer:

  • Plastic product color
  • Potential color change for each product
  • Each plastic part dosage for a final product
  • Where the accurate area on your product is
  • Where the fitting area for each component is

Above information will be useful for your mould supplier to specify the mold cavity such as muticavity and family mold. The mold supplier will consider the  economical and quality as well as secondary for your plastic product

We will share more details on our newsletter, may offer some toolkit to make this quotation work easier.

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