To make new injection mold or buy existing plastic parts

If you are doubt to make new injection molds to make your own plastic parts or to search the existing plastic parts for your new project. Below post should be very useful for you to make a decision.

What we should do to make a decision?

  • Seach the existing plastic parts manufacturer and inquiry the unit price.
  • Find the injection mold manufacturer to inquiry the new mold cost and unit price, not forget to ask for the MOQ.

How to compare the unit price between existing parts and new developing part?New injection mold

  • We will have a example to purchase 5000pcs plastic enclosure as below:
  • The unit price of the existing price=(5000pcs enclosures cost + 5000pcs shipping charge including all of the cost to have the parts to your warehouse)/5000
  • The unit price of the new developing enclosure cost= (injection mold cost+5000pcs enclosues cost+5000pcs shipping charge including all of the cost to have the parts to your warehouse)/5000
  • Normally if you just purchase 1000pcs have no price advantage compare to the existing.
  • If your purchasing quantities more than 5000pcs, there should be possible.

 What will be the advantage to develop a new plastic parts with new injection mold?

  • You can have the modification based on the existing parts, this means you can design the appreance, structure and funcation whatever as your needs.
  • To make mass production something like 10,000pcs new plastic parts should be much more competitive compare to buy existing plastic parts from manufacturer who already have the mold.
  • Exiting pastic parts should be changed probably, you will face the situation to loose the chance to purchase the existing parts as you did not have the property of the existing mold.
  • Please do not forget to calculate the labor cost to search the existing plastic parts. Normally you should spent lots of time and effort.




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