Tips for plastic products manufacturing inquiry

Keypoint you should specify for the inquiry

You should specify below information on you inquiryPlastic products manufacturing

  • Domestic mold: The mold leave in China for production, we call them as domestic mold.
  • Export mold: The mold should be exported to your plant for production, we call them as export mold

If you did not specify above information, there will additional communication with emails and calling etc. The worst result is that there will be possible mistake if you China mold supplier did not ask this.

Why this?

  • Two kinds of mold cost is not the same
  • Mold standard is not the same
  • Requested information for mold quotation is different

For the export mold quotation and domestic mold quotation, please kindly review our plastic injection mold quotation post. You will find more answers for the two kinds of mold quotation on that post.

Tips for plastic products manufacturing inquiry

Plastic products manufacturing is the process to injection plastic parts with plastic injection mold and the secondary process for plastic parts.

You have more details information for the quotation to do plastic products manufacturing for your China mold company.

What you should offer to have high quality price list to prevent the argument?Plastic products manufacturer

  • 2D drawings and 3D drawings for plastic product
  • Your quantities for each order not the order in one year
  • You can also specify how many quantities if the market is well, how many quantities if the market is worse
  • You estimated quantities for your plastic products, it is like your product life
  • Color changes, if you need different color for same product
  • Specify the plastic resin
  • Specify the surface finishing of your product such as texture and polishing etc.
  • If you need to have family mold to save cost, let your molding supplier know potential color change and each plastic part dosage(the quantity for each part to assemble your one final product)
  • Secondary process such as painting, silk-screen printing, machining, assembly, adhesive, package, bonding and ultrasonic welding etc.
  • For the plastic assembly products, you can also offer BOM, function you would like to fulfill and assembly solution
  • If it is accurate plastic products, please kindly offer the details 2D drawing and specify the tolerance.

If you did not have all above, you can also specify what you need help from your China mold makers. To make a plan and offer details to your China mold manufacturer to save your time on the back and forth communication. Then you have more time to concentrate plastic product development or supplier audit.

Maybe you have more to know, please let us know, we will share on our blog or newsletter.

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