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Plastic fan housing mould SEASKYTOOLING is Shenzhen Guangdong China plastic mould manufacturer offer plastic injection mould manufacturing plastic injection molding plastic prototype manufacturing For North America(Canda, USA), Soutch America, Europe, Russia, Mid-East, and Australia etc. Plastic fan housing mould manufacturing Reply your inquiry in 12 hours. Reply all of your questions in 24 housrs. 19+ years […]

Injection molding components manufacturing SEASKYTOOLING is a China injection molding manufacturer offer injection mold making and injection molding components manufacturing. We make plastic mold and injection molding for plastic automotive components, electronic plastic components, industrial plastic components, plastic medical components and instrument gague etc. custom plastic components. More than 14 years till now work for […]

Plastic injection mold textures What is plastic injection mold textures? Plastic injection mold texture is a kind of plastic injection mold surface finishing to landscape plastic product surface. In English, we also call plastic injection mold texture as mould texture, mold texture, mould texturing and mold texturing. Application of plastic injection mold texture Promote plastic parts […]

Custom made plastic basket SEASKYTOOLING is professional China plastic injection mold factory working for custom made plastic basket manufacturing and the other various plastic parts. We offer mold manufacturing and injection molding for custom made plastic basket manufacturing and the other various plastic parts. Custom made plastic basket prototype manufacturing Prototype manufacturing is the manufacture […]

Injection plastic mold manufacturing Injection plastic mold manufacturing with hot runner system, assure the lead time, weekly report with picture for injection plastic mold making, inspection report for plastic mold trial, molding report for each plastic mold trial. Your high valuable South China injection plastic mold and injection plastic molding manufacturer. Why choose SEASKYTOOLING as […]