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Turnkey to compare the plastic molded product manufacturing price Have you faced below issue during your inquiry Price is very big difference from your China mold supplier Unbelievable high price Unbelievable low price How you can do this better to compare the mold and plastic molded product manufacturing price ? If you are professional I think […]

Polycarbonate injection molding parts manufacturing solution Polycarbonate injection molding resin is one of common engineering resin. Polycarbonate plastic resin application Three major application areas of polycarbonate engineering plastics is a glass assembly industry, automobile industry and electronic, electrical industry, followed by industrial machinery parts, CD, packaging, computers and other office equipment, medical and health care, computers and other […]

Plastic injection mold life What is plastic injection mold life? Generally, the plastic injection mold life  we are talking about is that how many injection molding shots we can produce by the plastic injection mold. How to calculate a plastic injection mold life? Before to talk about this, we should understand what is the plastic […]

Injection mold base Injection mold base is the standard mold frame for plastic injection mold.  It is not the plastic injection molding components, it is the plastic mold components to fix the injection molding components, ejection components, guide system,runner system, venting system, cooling system and heating system etc. Why there is injection mold base? With […]

How to make plastic molds Plastic molds is to the mass production tooling for plastic parts manufacturing. There are a few process to make plastic molds such as DFM analysis, Mold flow analysis, plastic mold design, plastic mold base order, plastic mold steel order, heat treatment, standard parts purchase,  CNC machining, wire cutting, EDM, mold fitting, […]

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