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Injection plastic mold base steel This mold base specification is defined based on SEASKYTOOLING and China mold suppliers’ service for the international mold manufacturing market. #1 steel mold base: S50C (1050/1.1730– 13-18HRC) for all of mold base plates. #2 steel mold base: All of mold plates are used P20 steel (28-32 HRC) except rail and bottom clamping […]

MUD mold frame

May 9, 2014

MUD mold frame SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic MUD mold frame manufacturer working for custom plastic MUD mold framer manufacturing.   What is MUD mold ? Maser Unit Die mold,  MUD mold includes mold insert and MUD mold frame, the inserts can share one standard frame what called MUD mold framer. Usually we only need to make MUD […]