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A few special resin require high temperature injection and widely use for medical plastic parts, such as PEI, PSU and PEEK etc. Characteristics and applications of PEI materials PEI is an amorphous high-performance polymer with excellent heat resistance, good chemical resistance, inherent flame retardancy and excellent dimensional stability. Based on the characteristics of PEI, the […]

Plastic clean room molding SEASKYTOOLING is Shenzhen China medical injection molder. We have class 100000 ISO 8 clean room medical lab plastics molding plant. We specilized in medical disposables plastic parts molding and clear plastic molding in clean room injection molding factory. Till to Nov. 2019,  we offer 1 gram to 600 gram plastic molding […]

Clean room injection molding becomes simple With the continuous development and growth of the medical, aerospace, and biotechnology industries, the demand for clean room injection molding has been steadily increasing.Medical plastic product manufacturing and biomedical plastic parts and the other electronic parts are requested in an isolated clean room environment. In this article, you will […]