Silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution

What silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution SEASKYTOOLING have?Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer

  • SEASKYTOOLING use the compression molding process to manufacture silicone rubber parts.
  • This is simple mold with lower cost, which should be about 1/5 cost of injection even lower.
  • Generally the mold is like two plate with cavity and core on the two plate. During the production, the solid silicone will be put into the cavity. Then heat the mold to form the silicone rubber part.

Quick answers for silicone rubber parts manufacturing:

Is there samples charge cost?

There is no sample charge if you already pay the production mold, our mold cost normally include 10 sets of samples, if you have more, please specify before quotation.

Why there is no sample charge?

If you paid the mold cost, we should offer samples for your approval, samples is free till to your approval. Anyhow normally we can get your approval in one time based on our quality.

There is supplier did not charge me mold cost, can you offer mold with free charge?Silicone rubber part manufacturer

Your supplier already spreaded the mold cost to the unit price, also they have requirement for large MOQ and strict advance payment term.

What kind of payment term does SEASKYTOOLING offer?

SEASKYTOOLING accept hire purchase, you can pay 50% of mold cost to start to build the mold, once the mold is finished you pay balance.

For the production it is same. 50% of product cost as deposit, balance before shipment.

Can SEASKYTOOLING ship the parts to my warehouse in my Country?

Yes, we can ship to your warehouse.

Can I make different color for my silicone rubber parts?

Yes, you can make different color, the advantage of compressiona molding is to make different color without set up charge compare to injection molding.

 Is there any MOQ?

No MOQ, but you had better to produce 5000pcs to have price advantage. Sure, we also have a few order as 1000pcs.

Anyhow SEASKYTOOLING do want to support your sucess.

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