Silicone rubber parts manufacturing solution with compression molding

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Compression molding process is one of reasonable solution to manufacture silicone rubber parts with low mold cost and reasonable unit price. It is commonly to make multi-cavity steel mold to have compression molding production to make silicone rubber products such as silicone gasket, silicone tubes, silicone covers, silicone cases and silicone case etc.

Normally we call compression mold to make the silicone rubber parts as silicone mold. But some of peoples also call the silicone rubber mold to do the plastic casting prototype silicone mold as well, but it is different process.

Silicone rubber parts prototype manufacturing

It is the best solution to make the silicone rubber parts with single cavity silicone compression mold. We can have the reasonable cost on the mold making and silicone prototype. Also the silicone prototype is the same qualify and surface finishing as the production one. This process is cheaper than the rubber plastic casting and 3D printing process to make the silicone rubber prototype.

By using above process, we can also have the secondary manufacturing process such as silk-screen printing, painting ,PU finishing, UV finishing and etching etc.

Tips for Silicone rubber parts quotation from you China rubber parts manufacturer

Custom silicone parts manufacturing

 What kind of information you should offer to your China silicone rubber product manufacturer for quotation?

Silicone molded part drawing in 2D and 3D 

Normally all of the China manufacturer can read the 2D drawing in PDF, JPG, DWG, DXF and BMP format and 3D drawing in IGES, X_T and STEP.

If you have no 2D drawing, you had better to specify the accurate dimension on your document or email. If you have no 3D drawing and just have 2D drawing, you had better to specify the estimated part weight for you China molding manufacturer.

Quantities for the silicone rubber product manufacturing

You had better to offer the quantities based how many piece you should order each time, normally China mold supplier offer the cost based on the order quantities each time. You can also offer the estimated your plastic rubber part estimated life such as how many pieces you need to order in the next five years or ten years.

If it is possible, please specify the the colors for quantities of each order

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Normally this will not affect the price in SEASKYTOOLING, but the color is changed very frequently for very small quantities, there should be additional cost probably. But during your communication with your China silicone parts manufacturer, you had better to specify this to prevent the misunderstanding and argument during your purchase and cooperation.

Have your China silicone product manufacturer to specify the lead time for silicone mold making and silicone product manufacture

This is very useful for you to arrange your production, you can also let your China silicone product manufacturer know your production schedule.

Specify the shore hardness for your silicone rubber part

As not all kinds of hardness is suitable for the silicone rubber compression molding, normally 50-80 shore should be the best hardness for your China rubber compression molding supplier to handle. For the other kinds of hardness, you had better to check with your rubber supplier to prevent the misunderstanding after your order.  In SEASKYTOOLING, we checked this out with each inquiry and tell you what we can do. I am not talking about the silicone hardness without 50-80 shore is not possible to make, it have to check for different kind of silicone rubber parts.


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