PVC injection molding

What is the PVC?PVC pipe connector manufacturing

It is Polyvinyl chloride polymer. It is thermoplastic resin with the cheapest cost.  Natural color is white or light yellow or translucent light yellow. PVC is one of most common resin using in the world.

Mechanical properties of PVC plastics depends on the relative molecular weight of polymer, plasticizer content and filler. In general, the filler content increase, decrease of tensile strength. Without the addition of plasticizer PVC is hard plastic. Adding plasticizer, softness, elongation and freeze resistance increased;  Tensile strength, glass transition temperature, brittleness and hardness, etc. are reduced

PVC began to soften at 65-85 ℃. 170 ℃ into began to viscous flow state.140 ℃ little decomposition, decomposition rate is increased with the increase of temperature, 190 ℃ produce a large amount of HCL gas. The chlorine content of PVC was as high as 56%, which has a flame retardant and Zixi; but also has good dielectric properties of electrical insulating materials, is excellent. In addition, PVC is a poor thermal stability of the polymer, can gradually break down to release HCl in optical and thermal effect, at the same time, oxygen, ozone, cyanogen chloride and some active metal (such as copper, zinc) ions, the degradation speed

PVC injection molding parts application

PVC injection molding parts used for plastic pipe fittings, electric socket, electric box, electric meter enclosure, shoe sole, automotive plastic part, electric product enclosure and construction plastic parts(window framer, plastic accories on window, tube connector and floor board) etc.

Tips for PVC injection mold quotation and inquiryPVC pipe fitting manufacturing

Choose the right steel for PVC injection mold, you should choose the corrosion prevention stainless steel due the there is a little HCL gaseous fluid during the PVC injection molding. Normally you can choose 420 SS.For big amount production, if you choose the LKM steel, we suggest you choose LKM 2316(h); For ASSAB steel, you can choose ASSAB S 136(h). Regarding the DAIDO steel, you can choose NAK80 . If you just need the make the prototype mold for PVC injection molding, you can choose still the S50C and aluminum. If you can not specify this, your mold supplier will offer big difference price on your price list.

Choose the right cavity for PVC injection molding, normally the cavity quantities is based on your mold life and your plastic product, you can also choose family mold for PVC mold. Sometimes you missed to specify this, you will get lots of big difference price from China mold company.  This is very easy to specify, you can review the mold life post to learn more. You can also ask your suppliers to consider the most economical solution for the cavity.

PVC plastic pipe connectorTell your China mold maker of the mold base steel and mold base specification(DME, HASCO or LKM or LKM EQV).  If you do not mind what kind of mold base. You can choose the LKM standard mold base thanks to this is the most economical and qualified solution for the mold base in China. For the mold base with HASCO and DME guide system and components, most of China mold supplier is custom made from the mold base company, the inferior strength is expensive and quality is not stable compare to the standard mold base.

Specify if you need hot runner system and brand. Normally for the famous hot runner system such as DME ,HASCO ,INCOE ,YUDO, Synventive, HUSKY, Mastip and MOLDMASTER etc. It is all available in China. But the cooperation between your China mold supplier and hot runner system provider is not the same. If you need the leave the mold in China for production, then your mold maker will consider this. Otherwise you should consider if you need to use hot runner to save the resin cost or your product need the hot runner to have better quality or your plastic product really need the hot runner as limited on the plastic product structure and mold design.

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