Prototype injection molding:Prototype plastic molding

Prototype injection mold is the trial mold to make small quantities plastic parts production, normally the quantities is less than 10,000 pcs. SEASKYTOOLING offer prototype injection mold manufacturing and prototype injection molding for global market.

Steel for prototype injection mold manufacturing:

Prototype injection mold core and cavity steel is chosen based on your plastic part quantities, plastic resin and plastic product structure:

  • The lower quantity, the cheaper core and cavity steel,
  • The more rigid resin or more wearing(like nylon with glass fiber) or corrosive resin, the more expensive steel,
  • Normally we can choose S50C(1050), aluminum and P20 steel for the prototype core and cavity, sure you can also choose another steel. In China there is also cheaper 420 stainless steel for the corrosive resin molding. You can download our mold steel list to know more for steel for mold manufacturing.

Prototype injection molding resin:

You should also choose the resin for mass injection molding production to have the prototype injection molding. then you can get the real plastic parts like the mass production on the prototyping process.

Why you need to make prototype injection mold?Prototype injection molding

  • Normally for the really huge injection molding project, you choose the prototype injection molding to assure your investing is safe.
  • If you plastic product is complex and you have no 100% confidence to have a good shot, you should consider the prototype injection molding.
  • Also prototype injection molding is one of the fast manufacturing process to have the plastic samples.
  • You can invest low cost to have plastic parts production to test your market. If so, you have to pay more attention on the core and cavity steel selection as this kind of prototype injection molding is not one time production.

Prototype injection mold manufacturing lead time:

Normally prototype injection mold is one cavity mold, sure you choose the family mold. The lead time for prototype injection mold is from 10 days to 30 days, there will be more time is your plastic product is complex.

How to choose prototype injection molding and prototype injection mold manufacturing supplier in China?

You should also choose the plastic injection mold supplier to make your prototype injection mold, but not the prototype manufacturing factory. Normally in China the prototype manufacturing factory business is to make plastic prototype by using plastic casting, machining, 3D printing, SLA and SLS etc. Sure there is just a few prototype manufacturing factory have injection mold making capacity.

You can also choose the have mold manufacturer to make the prototype injection mold to move to your plant for the injection molding, please ask your China mold supplier if you they can export the mold to you before you start to purchase the prototype injection mold.

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