Rubber Compression Molding

Rubber Compression molding

Custom silicone rubber keypad

Custom silicone rubber keypad

Seasky Tooling China compression molding company offer rubber parts manufacturing with compression molding

12 hours to reply your inquiry, one day for your rubber parts manufacturing

What kind of resin we used for compression molding

Silicone, EPDM, NBR etc.

What is the advantage of compression molding in Seasky Tooling?

  • Short lead time for the compression mold manufacturing, normally in Seasky Tooling it is less than 15 days. Mostly we can make out the molds within 7 days.
  • Single cavity mold to make the rubber prototypes, and the rubber prototype is the same as the production mold.  This single cavity compression mold cost is about 1/50 cost of the injection mold for rubber molding and 1/10 cost of mass production compression mold cost.
  • Easier to make the rubber product undercut with compression molding.
  • Easier to have the overmolding and insert molding
  • Have the various color rubber parts manufacturing without additional set up charge. No MOQ for custom rubber parts manufacturing.

What kind of rubber compression molding parts Seasky Tooling made?

Silicone keypad, automotive key case, rubber bottle sleeves, bottle rubber cap, rubber sealing gasket, rubber phone holder and cover etc. rubber parts.

Secondary process for compression molding parts

  • Etching, engraving, painting and silk-screen etc
  • Various color refer to PANTONE or RAL, samples color are good also

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Silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber keypad manufacturing , short lead time to 7 days to have samples, short the mold manufacturing to 7 days

Rubber products manufacturing

Rubber parts manufacturing in Shenzhen Guangdong China with injection molding and compression molding

Silicone rubber parts manufacturing

Silicone rubber part manufacturing with silicone rubber compression molding, reasonable mold cost

Custom silicone parts manufacturer

Custom silicone parts manufacturing with silicone compression molding, offer silicone parts prototype making too

Silicone keypad company

Silicone keypad manufacturing, no MOQ, prototype making within 7days, mass production mold within 10 days

Rubber keypad manufacturer

Custom rubber keypad manufacturer, working for various custom rubber keypad manufacturing with silicone compression molding process.

Cup rubber cap manufacturing

Cup silicone rubber cap manufacturing with compression molding, single cavity mold to have the prototype made

Custom silicone caps manufacturing

Custom silicone caps manufacturing with silicone compression molding, single cavity mold to manufacture silicone caps samples

Custom silicone keypad manufacturer

Custom silicone keypad manufacturing with silicone compression molding

Silicone keypad manufacturer

Custom silicone keypad manufacturing with silicone compression molding manufacturing