Injection mould

Injection mould manufacturing for international market

Seasky Tooling offer:Injection mould manufacturing

  • plastic injection mold manufacturing for various parts,
  • hot runner system injection mould making,
  • rapid pastic injection mold manufacturing,
  • MUD injection mould manufacturing ,
  • large and precise injection mould making ,

support product design and prototype, DFM analysis, mold flow & warp analysis before injection mold design more than 14 years injection mould making for global market .

Detail export injection mould feature:

  • All molds construction can be SPI Class 101/102/103 refer to customers’ request
  •  Mold base can be DME, HASCO or LKM, customized mold base are available. Mold base steel can be S50C(1050/1.1730), P20, 420ss or the other steel. MUD mold base are available.
  • All tapped holes will be American National Standard(AISI) or Metric refer to different location of customer or customers’ request.Plastic injection mould manufacturing China
  • Guided ejection is default configuration, specification refer to DME, HASCO, or LKM standard, customized are available.
  •  Ejection rods locate as per customers’ injection machine specification or provided data. Tapped holes and clearance refer to customers’ injection machine specification or provided data.
  • Ejection pin is DME, HASCO, DAIDO or equivalent standard, customized stand are available.
  • Water connector is DME, HASCO or customized standard, also there are lots of local water standard are available.
  •  Lifting holes is UNC or metric.
  •  Sprue bushing will be DME, HASCO or LKM standard, custom are available.
  • Hot runner system can be INCOE, YODU, HUSKY, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Synventive, Mastip or the others.
  • Runner shut off will be used for family molds.
  • Thermocouples and probe temperature needle are available.
  • Side lock will be default configuration.
  • Latch lock will be DME or HASCO standard.
  • Mold steel can be 718(h), 738(h), S136(h), S7 from ASSAB of Sweden, NAK55 and NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan and P20(FINKL ), P20HH(FINKL), DRX(FINKL), 420, 2311, 2312, 2344, 2767 from LKM etc.
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Plastic injection mould company

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