Silicone rubber keypad

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Silicone rubber keypad manufacturing , short lead time to 7 days to have samples, short the mold manufacturing to 7 days

Silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber keypad manufacturing in Shenzhen Guangdong China for international market.

What kind of silicone rubber keypad we manufacture?Silicone rubber keypad

  • Calculator silicone rubber keypad
  • Instrument gauge rubber keypad
  • Bank credit card machine rubber keypad
  • Attendance machine rubber keypad
  • Swipe machine silicone keypad
  • Medical machine rubber keypad
  • Remote control rubber keypad
  • Numeric silicone keypad
  • Automotive dashboard rubber keypad
  • Gaming  rubber keypads etc.

Key feature for silicone rubber keypad manufacturingSilicone keypad manufacturer

  • Single cavity mold to have the silicone rubber keypad samples
  • Single cavity mold is from 100 USD with 10 piece of samples
  • You can have more than 10 samples from single cavity mold
  • Mass production compression mold from 1000USD
  • Cost Single cavity mold and mass production mold will be difference based on your product structure
  • Lead time for single cavity mold and sampling from 5days
  • Lead time for mass production compression mold from 7 days to 15 days
  • Reply your inquiry in 12 hours
  • Reference customer can be offered to prove our quality and service

Secondary process and surface finishing for silicone rubber keypad

  • PU painting surface finishing
  • UV painting surface finishing
  • Gloss surface finishing
  • Sandblast or fine texture
  • Texture (Mold Tech, YickSang or refer to your samples)
  • Engraving text or icon
  • Laser etch text or icon
  • 3M adhesive or Symbio DSMS adhesive etc.
  • Conductive silicone contactor
  • Colors refer to Pantone, RAL or your samples.

What you need to offer for silicone rubber keypad manufacturing inquiry?Silicone rubber keypad manufacturer

  • 3D drawings for your silicone rubber keypad
  • 3D drawing can be in IGES, STEP or X_T format
  • If you can not offer 3D drawing, please offer 2D drawing with estimated part weight
  • 2D drawing for your silicone rubber keypad (preferred)
  • 2D drawing can be DWG, DXF, PDF or JPG format
  • Quantities of your order each time
  • Your total demand of the silicone rubber keypad(preferred)

Silicone rubber keypads manufacturing shipping solution

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Express: DHL FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS

Tread term for silicone rubber keypads manufacturing

  • EXW, FCA ShenZhen, FOB ShenZhen, FOB HongKong, CIF, DDU.