Rubber products manufacturing

  • Rubber products manufacturing
  • Silicone rubber parts manufacturing

Rubber parts manufacturing in Shenzhen Guangdong China with injection molding and compression molding

Rubber products manufacturing Rubber products manufacturing

  • SEASKYTOOLING offer rubber products manufacturing in Shenzhen China for international market.
  • Rubber products manufacturing with compression molding and injection molding
  • Choose the rubber products manufacturing solution based your demand and your product function.

Compression molding rubber products manufacturing, cost saving solution for small quantities

  • Reasonable cost for compression molding rubber manufacturing
  • Compression molding mold is about 1/10 cost of injection mold cost
  • Single cavity compression mold to have samples for rubber parts
  • Single cavity compression mold is about 1/50 of injection mold cost
  • Various color can be very reasonable by using compression molding
  • Texture and sandblast finishing is available
  • High polishing surface finishing is available
  • High polishing mold is to chrome plate compression mold
  • Thermoset plastic resin such as silicone, natural rubber, EPDM and NPR for compression molding

Various rubber parts manufacturing-Compression molding

  • Silicone keypad
  • Silicone keycase
  • Rubber gasket
  • Silicone caps
  • Rubber overmolding
  • Rubber insert molding
  • Silicone bottle sleeve
  • Rubber holder
  • Silicone phone case
  • Silicone phone holder

Rubber products manufacturing advantage in SEASKYTOOLING-Compression molding solutionSilicone rubber parts manufacturing

  • Short lead time for compression mold manufacturing
  • Normally it is 15days for compression mold manufacturing
  • Normally it is 7days for single cavity compression mold
  • Reference customer to offer to prove our quality
  • Multicavity with different rubber parts are acceptable

Thermoplastic rubber injection molding

SEASKYTOOLING offer injection mold manufacturing and injection molding for thermoplastic rubber products

Rubber injectin molding parts

  • Rubber injection molded caps
  • Rubber molded gasket
  • Rubber overmolding handle
  • Rubber overmolding etc.

Rubber injection molding resin

  • TPU
  • TPR
  • TPV
  • EVA
  • PVC etc.

Advantage for thermoplastic rubber manufacturing in SEASKYTOOLING China mold manufacturer

  • Mold making and injection molding for Europe, America and Australia etc.
  • 14 years mold making and injection molding experience for oversea market
  • Design for manufacture analysis to find all of product design possible issue
  • Suggestion or improve your plastic product design
  • Mold flow simulation to optimize product design and mold design
  • Weekly report with picture for mold manufacturing
  • Molding parameter report
  • Samples inspection report