Remote Controller Molding

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Remote control plastic molding and mold making, weekly report with picture for remote control plastic...

Remote controller molding and mold making, weekly report with picture for remote controller plastic mold making, quality certification for steel, mold base, electrode and heat treatment for remote control plastic mold making, remote control plastic molding with PC, ABS, PC/ABS resin etc.

1,Prototype design and prototype making service are available for plastic molded remote control

2, DFM analysis and Mold flow & warp analysis before remote control mold making

3,Core and cavity steel for plastic mold making:718(h),738(h), S136(h), NAK80, GS711,

GS344,GS316,LKM2344(super), LKM818(h),LKM738(h),LKM2312, LKM2311, S7, 2379 etc

4,Just purchase steel and mold base from qualified supplier such as LKM, DAIDO and ASSAB for plastic mold making of remote control

5, Quality certification for steel, mold base, electrode, plastic mold and steel heat treatment

6,Full inspection report for remote control molding parts

7, Final plastic mold inspection of remote control before mold shipping if it is export mold

8, Specialize in various resin molding such as , PMMA, ABS, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene,Polystyrene, Acrylic,, Acetal, Nylon, Nylon with glass fill, PBT, ASA, PVC, PC, PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, Elastomers,PPO etc

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