Plastic injection molding company

  • plastic injection mold manufacturing factory
  • Plastic injection company

SEASKYTOOLING offer plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing company for:

  • medical device,Plastic injection company
  • automotive,
  • medical,
  • telecommunications,
  • electronics,
  • electric,
  • computer,
  • industrial,
  • biomedical,
  • construction,
  • consumer industries etc.

Plastic injection molding company

SEASKYTOOLING is Shenzhen China plastic injection molding company. We work for plastic prototype manufacturing, injection mold making and injection molding for word wide market. We have 19+ years experience till 2019. We work with more than 300 customers in the word for different plastic product manufacturing. We join into your custom plastic product development process, we are like your team to support your custom plastic product development.


Thank you Hedy

I am very impressed with your progress reports.

This is good!

There will be some more new tools shortly (after Xmas), we are just finalising and testing product design

Customer from New Zealand work for batch room component.

We have been working with Hedy now for almost 7 years. During that time we have purchased somewhere between 2-8 plastic injections molds and/or stamping dies and/or rubber compression molds per year. We have been very impressed with their quality and delivery, both in the tools themselves and the fabricated parts. Most of these tools we bring into the US, but we have found it’s economical to leave some there as well. I can’t say enough good things about this company. Even our tool room manager, a 35+ year veteran of US machine shops and toolmaker himself, has given the highest compliments to Hedy and his team.

We always start with a 3d model, STP or SAT or similar format. They can quote from those, usually within 2 days, but then we follow up with a dimensioned drawing specifying tolerances and key features. From there we do a full tooling specification, developed by our tool room manager, that details fasteners, type of steel, ejectors, mold type, etc. From these documents we can get a final quote, and then once we approve and issue a purchase order we get weekly updates on the progress of the tool as well as pictures and sometimes power point presentations when there are details of the mold design that need further discussion.

I believe if you follow our model of documentation, you will not be disappointed. I would be happy to share with you some of the documents from some example projects we have completed with Hedy.
Customer from US work for instrument gauge.


You can watch below video to understand our custom plastic parts manufacture service.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing

  • Free Charge of DFM analysis,
  • Reply your inquiry within 12 hours.plastic injection mold manufacturing factory
  • Mold flow simulation,
  • Weekly report with picture for mold manufacturing
  • Mold trial report with video
  • Molding parameter report,
  • Dimension report,
  • Replied all of your emails within 24 hours,
  • Most of engineers in SEASKYTOOLING worked for mold industry more than 10 years,
  • SEASKYTOOLING is working for international market more than 14 years,
  • Work as your own team to build your mold.


Details plastic mold manufacturing document


Documents for plastic mold

  • 2D Mold Drawing
  • 3D Mold Drawing
  • 3D Part Drawing
  • Mold steel certification
  • Mold base certification
  • Heat treatment certification
  • EDM drawing
  • Mold Photos
  • Mold Trial Video
  • Molding Report
  • QA Report


Plastic injection molding manufacturing Plastic injection moulding company

Various color reference as:

  • your samples color,
  • RAL color chart,
  • Pantone color chart,


Specializing in thermoplastic injection molding with all type of thermoplastic including:

  • ABS(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,
  • Polypropylene(with glass fill),
  • Polyethylene(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,Injection plastic molding company
  • Acrylic,
  • Acetal,
  • Nylon(with glass fill),
  • PBT(wih glass fill),
  • ASA,
  • PC(with glass fill),
  • PC/ABS,
  • PPS,
  • PPA,
  • Elastomers,
  • PPO,
  • POM etc.

Surface finishing for plastic injection molding parts:

  • Texture(Mold Tech, Yick-Sang etc.),
  • silk-screen printing,
  • painting ,
  • plate etc.

Custom package or bulk package are welcome

Trade term

    • EXW,
    • FCA ShenZhen,
    • FOB ShenZhen,
  • FOB HongKong,
  • CIF,
  • DDU


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