Nylon molding plastic part

  • Nylon molding plastic part
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Nylon molding plastic part molding production, Nylon molding plastic part injection mold manufacturing, nylon molding plastic parts prototype making

Nylon molding plastic part

SEASKYTOOLING is plastic molding manufacturer and plastic mold manufacturer in China offer custom plastic product injection mold making and plastic injection molding. Also we offer custom plastic product prototype manufacturing and custom plastic product design service.

Nylon molding plastic resin is a common engineering resin,  have good melting flowing property and wear-resisting property. Nylon molding plastic parts is widely used for automotive, instrument gauge, plastic tube connector, gears etc.  Nylon molding plastic resin is very common to add fiber glass fill to increase the strength and performance.

Nylon molding plastic parts mold manufacturing

Nylon molding plastic part

Nylon molding plastic part

  • Nylon molding plastic parts mold core and cavity steel can be used P20, H13, 2344, 2767, 2379, S7 and 8407 etc. steel. For the nylon with glass fill, we suggest to use the through hardness steel fore core and cavity such as 2344 , H13, 2379, s7 and 8407 etc, normally for the long life mass production precise nylon with glass fill mold, we suggest to use S7 for the core and cavity steel.
  • In SEASKYTOOLING China mold manufacturing company just purchase the steel and mold base from qualified steel supplier.
  • Quality certification for steel, mold base, electrode, plastic molding instrument parts and steel heat treatment
  • Free charge of “Design For Manufacture” analysis with plastic mold quotation.
  • Weekly mold manufacturing progress report, you can understand the mold making progress each week with picture and time line update.
  • Molding report and samples inspection report submit with plastic samples from plastic mold trial
  • SEASKYTOOLING have more than 14 years for mold manufacturing and plastic molding service for international market
  • Most of engineers in SEASKYTOOLING have more than ten years experience for mold manufacturing, mold design and molding etc.

Nylon molding plastic parts molding manufacturing production

  • Nylon molding resin is most of common resin in SEASKYTOOLING plastic injection molding plant. We have more than 10 years experience for nylon molding production.
  • 30% of our customer have the nylon molding plastic parts for our production each year
  • Strong cooperation with nylon resin supplier to have good service and reasonable price.
  • Custom package and bulk package for nylon molding parts are welcome

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