Medical moulded products

Medical moulded products

SEASKYTOOLING offer plastic moulded medical products manufacturing by using plastic injection molding process. We have experience for following medical moulded plastic products manufacturing:


  • Medical plastic table,Medical moulded products
  • Anaesthesia Ventilator devices,
  • Electronic Anaesthesia Ventilator,
  • Anaesthesia Pneumatic Ventilator,
  • Patient Circuit Pressure Monitor,
  • Dioxide Absorber,
  • Anaesthesia Machines,
  • Artificial limb,
  • Electronic manometer,
  • Medical disposables plastic parts,
  • One time used plastic labware  etc.

Please kindly watch below video to understand our medical moulded products manufacturing service.

Key feature

  • 1 gram to 1 kg plastic moulded medical products manufacturing,
  • Class 100000 clean room for plastic injection molding,
  • cleaning room for medical plastic molding19+ years for plastic injection molding manufacturing,
  • Salesman with engineering background,
  • Mold flow simulation,



Design for manufacturing to find possible product design issue and optimize mold design,


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