Injection molded plastic cup company

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Injection molded plastic cup mold manufacturing and injection molding, support plastic prototype manufacturing, contact us now!

Injection molded plastic cup company

SEASKYTOOLING is one of China professional injection molded plastic cup company,working for injection molded plastic cup molding and  mold manufacturing.We have made various custom injection molded plastic cup mold for global market more than 10 years.

China injection molded plastic cup company SEASKYTOOLING injection molded plastic cup prototype manufacturing

  • CNC machining, plastic casting and SLA process to make plastic cup prototype
  • CNC machining custom plastic cup resin: PP
  • Surface finishing for custom plastic cup prototype: silk-screen printing, painting, sand blast, pad printing, UV finishing
  • General lead time for prototype making: 3-5 days refer to plastic product structure

Plastic cup mold manufacturing by China injection molded cup company SEASKYTOOLING

Injection molded plastic cup company

Injection molded plastic cup company

  • DFM analysis before injection molded plastic cup mold design such as draft analysis, gate location, ejection, and mold concept etc for injection molded plastic cup mold manufacturing
  • Mold flow analysis before custom injection molded plastic cup mold design
  • Weekly report with picture for plastic cup mold making
  • Plastic molding parameter report for each injection molded plastic cup mold trial
  • Plastic product inspection dimension report for each mold trial
  • Just purchase the steel and mold base from qualified suppliers, offer plastic mold steel and plastic mold base certifications
  • Trust our engineers more than 10 years experience for mold industry.
  • SEASKYTOOLING with more than 14 years mold manufacturing and injection molding for global market.

Injection molded plastic cup company SEASKYTOOLING injection molding

  • Specializing in thermoplastic molding with all type of thermoplastic including, ABS(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Polypropylene(with glass fill), Polyethylene(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Acrylic,, Acetal, Nylon(with glass fill), PBT(wih glass fill), ASA, PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PC(with glass fill), PC/ABS, PPS, Rubber, PPO, POM etc.
  • General resin we use for injection molded plastic cup: PC, PP, ABS etc.
  • Surface finishing for injection molded plastic cup :Texture(Mold Tech, Yick-Sang etc.), silk-screen printing, painting and plate etc
  • Various color as per your samples or RAL, or Pantone

Injection molded plastic cup company SEASKYTOOLING Trade term

  • EXW,
  • FCA ShenZhen,
  • FOB ShenZhen,
  • FOB HongKong,
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  • DDU.