Hot Runner Mold

  • Hot runner mold
  • Plastic injection mould

Hot runner mold making for household, Electronic parts, home Appliance, office equipment ...



Hot Runner Mold

SEASKYTOOLING offer hot runner mold making forHot runner mold

  • household,
  • Electronic parts,
  • home Appliance,
  • office equipment,
  • medical,
  • instrument,
  • and auto part,


Hot runner system can be

  • HASCO, DME, MoldMaster,
  • Synventive or the others.

 Hot runner mold manufacturing injection mold steel

SEASKYTOOLING just purchase mold steel from qualified mold steel supplier, more about our plastic mold steel for mold making, please kindly review

  • Quality certification for steel and mold base,
  • Quality control report for hardness of hot runner mold making steel, full inspection report for steel, electrode, core and cavity, hot runner molding parts.
  •  Weekly report with pictures to make sure you understand plastic mold making progress.