Custom plastic pipe fittings

  • Custom automatic unscrew plastic connector
  • Plastic pipe fitting manufacturer
  • Custom threaded plastic pipe fittings
  • Plastic pipe connectors manufacturer

Custom plastic pipe fittings manufacturing with plastic injection molding, offer mold manufacturing and prototype manufacturing for custom plastic pipe fittings

Custom plastic pipe fittings

Custom plastic pipe fittings material

  • Generally we used PVC, UPVC, CPVC,ABS, HDPE, nylon, nylon with glass fill, polyethylene,MDPE and polybutylene  etc. plastic resin for custom plastic pipe connectors,  plastic pipe fittings,custom plastic  pipe caps, custom plastic pipe valves and plastic pipe flange  etc.

What kind of custom plastic pipe fittings SEASKYTOOLING makes?

SEASKYTOOLING offer custom made plastic pipe fittings as following.

  • Pressure fitting, conduit fitting, bulkhead, drainage fitting, compression fitting, tee fittings, flanges fitting, plastic Y fittings, threaded plastic fittings, water pipe fittings, tank fittings, soil pipe fitting, corrugated plastic pipe fittings, plumbing pipe fittings, hose barb fitting, irrigation fittings, quick connector fittings, automatic unthread pipe connectors and automotive pipe connectors etc.

Custom threaded plastic pipe fittingsCustom plastic pipe fitting mold manufacturing

  • SEASKYTOOLING offer high quality custom plastic pipe fitting manufacturing with reasonable cost.

Why this?

  • We control each custom plastic pipe connectors mold manufacturing process and have the professional design and Design For manufacture analysis before the mold manufacturing.
  • We use the mold flow simulation for the plastic injection molding to find out the possible issue of custom plastic tube fitting design and custom plastic pipe mold design.
  • Weekly report with picture for plastic mold manufacturing for custom plastic pipe fittings, custom plastic connector and the other all of custom plastic parts in SEASKYTOOLING.
  • DFM analysis before the injection plastic mold design. We show the plastic tube fitting parts possible design issue and mold concept on the DFM report.
  • Based on this we have most of same idea to proceed the mould design, this save the time to exchange ideas on the mold design and mold design modification.
  • We offer custom service on the DFM analysis as well, if you did not have lots of experience for the mold manufacturing, we will have easy understanding document and pictures to exchange ideas.Custom plastic pipe fittings threaded
  • Mold base, core and cavity steel and heat treatment certification will be offered to you to prove we just purchase these from qualified supplier for the mold manufacturing.
  • Molding parameter report and samples inspection report is submitted with samples.
  • You will worked with more than ten years mold industry professional project manager from the design to the manufacturing(the whole process of the mold manufacturing and molding production as well as the secondary manufacturing process).
  • Welcome you join into our team to have great products for you, always we hear your comment and suggestion to improve the service for you.

Custom plastic pipe connectors and custom plastic parts injection molding productionCustom automatic unscrew plastic connector

  • SEASKYTOOLING China mold company is specializing in thermoplastic molding with all type of thermoplastic including, ABS(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Polypropylene(with glass fill), Polyethylene(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Acrylic,, Acetal, Nylon(with glass fill), PBT(wih glass fill), ASA, PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PC(with glass fill), PC/ABS, PPS, Rubber, PPO, POM etc.
  • Plastic injection molded parts surface finishing: texture (Mold Tech, Nihon or Yick-Sang or as per your sample), painting, silk-screen printing(logo print, text or mark print)
  • We well know different plastic resin performance, we can also help you to specify the plastic resin for your plastic injection molded products manufacturing based on your custom injection products function and use.

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