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Custom plastic parts manufacturing

Seaky Tooling China custom plastic parts manufacturer offer various custom plastic parts manufacturing for medical device, automotive, medical, telecommunications, electronics, computer, industrial, biomedical, construction and consumer industries etc.

Custom plastic parts prototype manufacturing Custom plastic parts manufacturing

SEASKYTOOLING have CNC machining, plastic casting, SLA and 3D printing process to make custom plastic parts prototype. We also choose the most valuable solution for your custom plastic parts prototype manufacturing.

CNC machining is the custom plastic parts prototype manufacturing without mold to use the CNC machining to manufacture plastic prototype, after the CNC machining, we will have the polishing for the plastic prototype to have the gloss finishing. Normally we can use the ABS and PMMA resin, we can also use the other resin based on your demand.

Plastic casting process is to use the silicone mold to cast the plastic prototype with liquid material which is similar as the resin you are going to use for the plastic parts mass production. This plastic casting prototype manufacturing process is widely applied for a relatively large amount of plastic prototype manufacturing.

SLA process is a discrete layered, layer by layer stacking technology, the direct use of three-dimensional computer data is implemented as a prototype of the product, the more mature laser technology both SLA and SLS rapid prototyping, which the SLA the main material for the photosensitive resin. Normally it is used to manufacture the first prototype to copy more plastic prototype with plastic casting process. Sure you can use the SLA prototyping to manufacture more plastic prototype.

Custom plastic parts mass productionCustom plastic parts manufacturer

There are lots of process to have the custom plastic parts mass production such as plastic injection molding, plastic blow molding, compression molding and plastic thermoforming etc. SEASKYTOOLING can choose for the most of valuable solution for you to have the custom parts manufactured.

Our core business is plastic injection mold manufacturing for international market and plastic injection molding production for international market.  We can also help you to put the custom plastic parts manufacturing with other manufacturing process such as  plastic blow molding, compression molding and plastic thermoforming etc.

We will update the plastic mold manufacturing and plastic parts manufacturing progress each week, also we will offer the picture for the manufacturing process if it is possible on the manufacturing process.

We have more than 14 years for the custom plastic parts manufacturing for the international market such as America, Europe and Australia etc.

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