Custom plastic injection manufacturing

  • China custom plastic injection manufacturing
  • Custom plastic injection manufacture
  • China custom plastic injection

Custom plastic injection manufacturing and plastic injection mold manufacturing in China for North America, Europe, Oceania and South America etc. Market.

Custom plastic injection manufacturing

Custom plastic injection manufacturing

SEASKYTOOLING is China mold manufacturer offer custom plastic injection manufacturing and mold manufacturing.



for North America, Europe, Oceania and South America etc. Market.


What kind of plastic products we make?

  • Automotive plastic parts
  • Electronic plastic products
  • Electronic plastic products
  • Household plastic products
  • Home appliance plastic products
  • Medical device plastic products
  • Instrument gauge meter plastic part
  • Plastic tube fitting parts etc.
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Key feature for SEASKYTOOLING’s custom plastic injection mold manufacturingChina custom plastic injection

  • Plastic prototype manufacturing to prove your design
  • Reply your inquiry in 12 hours
  • Support your to choose the most reasonable and reliable solution for custom plastic product manufacturing
  • 14 years mold manufacturing and injection molding experience for international market
  • Design For Manufacture analysis report for your plastic product
  • Mold flow simulation for injection molding to find all of possible for plastic product design and mold design
  • Most of plastic product injection mold designer have more than ten years experience
  • Weekly report with picture for plastic injection mold manufacturing
  • Molding parameter for each plastic injection mold trial
  • Injection mold trial video
  • Injection plastic products dimension report
  • Mold base certification, mold steel certification, heat treatment certification
  • Professional project manager who speak English work together with you through out of your order

Key feature for SEASKYTOOLING’s custom plastic injection manufacturingCustom plastic injection manufacture

  • Strict quality control during plastic injection production
  • Report you plastic production manufacturing progress
  • Reply all of your emails in 24 hours, normally we can reply in same working day when we receive your email
  • No MOQ for custom plastic injection manufacturing
  • Custom package or bulk package are welcome

Specializing in thermoplastic molding  with all type of thermoplastic including,

  • ABS(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Polypropylene(with glass fill), Polyethylene(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene, Acrylic,, Acetal, Nylon(with glass fill), PBT(wih glass fill), ASA,
  • PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PC(with glass fill), PC/ABS, PPS, Rubber, PPO, POM etc.

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