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  • Custom injection mould
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Custom injection mould manufacturing, custom plastic injection molding, prototyping


Custom injection mould

Custom injection mould making for medical device, automotive, medical, telecommunications, electronics, computer, industrial, biomedical, construction and consumer industries etc.

Also SEASKYTOOLING China custom injection mould manufacturer offer custom injection moulding, plastic product design, plastic prototype manufacturing. 

Custom injection mould manufacturing

Custom injection mould

Custom injection mould

  • More than 14 years custom injection mould manufacturing experience for America, Europe and Oceania etc.
  • More than 50% customers suggested new customers for SEASKYTOOLING based on the satisfaction of SEASKYTOOLING quality, communication, project management and economy price etc.
  • Free charge of DFM analysis with custom injection mould quotation
  • Trust our more than 10 years engineers experience for the mold design, mold making and injection moulding. Engineers with fluent English work together with from the beginning to the finishing.
  • Mold flow analysis before the injection mould manufacturing to find out all of possible product design issue and optimize the mould design. You will be under the lowest risky.
  • Core and cavity steel for injection mould making for custom injection mould:718(h),738(h), S136(h), NAK80, GS711, GS344,GS316,LKM2344(super), LKM818(h),LKM738(h),LKM2312, LKM2311, S7, 2379, 2083, 420SS, H13 etc.
  •  Just purchase steel and mold base from qualified supplier such as LKM, DAIDO Finkl and ASSAB for custom injection mould making.
  •  Quality control report for hardness of injection mould making steel, full inspection report for steel, electrode, core and cavity, plastic molding parts.
  •  Weekly mold making progress report with picture to make sure you understand the situation and schedule for custom injection mould making.
  • Samples submit with injection molding parameter report and inspection report
  •  Final mould inspection before custom injection mould shipping, except for our mold quality standard we will input customers’ mold specification for inspection  as well.

Custom injection mould manufacturing trade term

  • EXW,
  • FCA ShenZhen,
  • FOB ShenZhen,
  • FOB HongKong,
  • CIF,
  • DDU.

Custom injection mould and plastic product shipping service

We can offer injection mould & injection moulding parts shipping, also you can also handle the mould & plastic products shipping by your forwarder. Both of the solution for the shipping will be welcome.