China plastic product manufacturing

  • China plastic product manufacturing
  • Chinese plastic product manufacturing
  • Plastic product manufacturing China
  • China plastic manufacturing company

Offer injection, plastic mold, prototype, thermoforming, and blow molding, 12 hours to reply you

China plastic product manufacturing


SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic product manufacturing company offer plastic products manufacturing with plastic injection molding. Also we offer high qualityChina plastic product manufacturing

  • plastic injection mold,
  • thermoforming
  • blow molding
  • prototype
  • rubber compression molding

for plastic product manufacturing.


More than ten years plastic product manufacturing for North America, Soutch America,  Australia and Europe etc.



 Whole solution from your idea to mass production for plastic product manufacturing

Advantage for plastic product manufacturing in SEASKYTOOLING

  • 12 hours to reply your plastic product manufacturing inquiryChina plastic manufacturing company
  • Report your plastic product manufacturing progress each week with picture
  • Offer quotation in two days, normally we can offer you in 24 hours
  • Storage your plastic mold and maintain your plastic mold carefully
  • Offer your 2D and 3D mold drawing etc. Even if you do not want to produce in SEASKYTOOLING, you can have the modification easily as your have all of the data.
  • Reply all of your questions in 24hours, we will mentioned you by phone or email  if you do not reply our emails and questions.
  • Professional project manageer speak in English work together with you

Plastic product prototype manufacturingChinese plastic product manufacturing


  • CNC machining prototyping,
  • plastic casting,
  • SLA  prototype
  • 3D printing prototype manufacturing process.

SEASKYTOOLING choose the reasonable prototype solution based on your demand(prototype quantities, prototype use, prototype surface finishing, prototype secondary process and proottype function)

From 3 to 7days to finish your plastic prototype manufacturing

Plastic product manufacturing information you need to offer for inquiry

  • 2D drawing in PDF, JPEG, DWG or DXFPlastic product manufacturing China
  • 3D drawing in IGES, STEP, STL or X_T
  • Quantities you need for each order
  • If you need various color for your plastic products, please let us know quantities for each color
  • Mold life, this is the whole quantities you estimated
  • Product surface finishing such as polishing, texture, painting, silk-screen printing, assembly and package.

If you can not understand above and have doubt, you can also fill below form to contact us, we will guide you to offer or help you to creat above to proceed the quotation.