China plastic molding manufacturer

  • China plastic molding company
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China plastic molding manufacturer

SEASKYTOOLING is Shenzhen China plastic molding manufacturer. We offer custom product plastic molding for medical device,automotive,medical,telecommunications,electronics,computer,industrial,biomedical,construction,consumer industries etc. Till 2019, we have 19 years for custom plastic product development for wordwide customers. We serve 300+ customers in the world for their custom plastic product injection molding. We joint into your custom plastic product development, and offer solution for production and optimize your custom plastic product design. Our sales have engineer background. We offer plastic product design for manufacture with free charge. SEASKYTOOLIGN reply your inquiry in 8 hours or even in one hour.

You can watch below video to understand us more.

Plastic mold manufacturingChina plastic molding manufacturer

  • Design For Manufacture analysis
  • Reply your inquiry within 12hours.
  • Mold flow simulation,
  • Weekly report with picture for plastic mold manufacturing,
  • Mold trial report with video to record,
  • Molding parameter,
  • Dimension report,
  • Reply all of your emails in 24 hours,
  • Most of engineers in SEASKYTOOLING worked for mold industry 1o+ years,
  • SEASKYTOOLING is working for western mold market more than 14 years,
  • Reference customers to prove our quality, service and communication,
  • Successful stories to share with you,
Plastic injection mold manufacturing

Plastic injection mold manufacturing

Details plastic mold manufacturing document to offer

  • 2D mold drawing

  • 3D mold drawing

  • 3D part drawing

  • Certification for mold base, mold steel and heat treatment

  • EDM drawing

  • Mold photos

  • Mold trial video

  • Molding report

  • QA report

Plastic molding manufacturing


China plastic molding manufacturing

Various color as per

  • your samples
  • or RAL,
  • or Pantone

Specializing in thermoplastic molding with all type of thermoplastic including:

  • ABS(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,
  • Polypropylene(with glass fill),Custom plastics manufacturing company China
  • Polyethylene(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,
  • Acrylic,
  • Acetal,
  • Nylon(with glass fill),
  • PBT(wih glass fill),
  • ASA,
  • PC(with glass fill),
  • PC/ABS,
  • PPS,
  • PPA,
  • Elastomers,
  • PPO,
  • POM etc.

Surface finishing for plastic molding manufacturing parts:

  • Texture(Mold Tech, Yick-Sang etc.),
  • Silk-screen printing,
  • Painting,
  • Plate etc.

Custom package or bulk package are welcome.

Trade term

  • EXW,
  • FCA ShenZhen,
  • FOB ShenZhen,
  • FOB HongKong,
  • CIF,
  • DDU.