China plastic manufacturing factory

  • China plastic manufacturing factory
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Custom plastic product manufacturing with plastic injection molding, plastic injection mold manufacturing, prototyping

China plastic manufacturing factoryChina plastic molding manufacturing

SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic manufacturing factory working for custom plastic product manufacturing with plastic injection molding and plastic injection mold manufacturing, also we support to offer the plastic prototype manufacturing and high quality plastic injection molds.

Plastic prototype manufacturing in China plastic manufacturing factory SEASKYTOOLING

Plastic prototype manufacturing process is the lowest solution to make the samples without expensive plastic injection mold to make samples out. You can use the plastic prototype for your plastic product function test and exhibition.

We have plastic casting, CNC machining, SLA and 3D printing etc prototype manufacturing process to make your plastic prototype. Our engineers will work together with you to choose most valuable solution for the plastic prototype manufacturing.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing in China plastic manufacturing factory SEASKYTOOLING

Plastic injection mold manufacturing is the most cheapest solution to manufacture custom plastic products for mass production.

Plastic injection mold making advantage of China plastic manufacturing factory SEASKYTOOLING

China plastic manufacturing factory

  • Free charge of DFM analysis with plastic mold quotation and plastic production quotation. This means that we will find out the plastic product design issue and show our honesty when we start to contact.
  • Mold flow analysis before the plastic mold design and plastic mold manufacturing.
  • Weekly report with picture for the plastic mold manufacturing, you will understand the mold manufacturing progress each week with clear pictures
  • Most of engineers in SEASKYTOOLING have more than 10 years in plastic mold industry
  • 2D and 3D drawing design for plastic mold, if you have not experience for the plastic mold manufacturing, we will have the details DFM analysis before the mold design to confirm the parting line, gate, ejector location etc., this DFM with lots of 3D pictures to show your all of the details and easier to understand

Plastic injection molding production in China plastic manufacturing factory SEASKYTOOLINGChina plastics manufacturing company

  • Specializing in thermoplastic molding with all type of thermoplastic including, ABS(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Polypropylene(with glass fill), Polyethylene(with glass fill), Polystyrene, Acrylic,, Acetal, Nylon(with glass fill), PBT(wih glass fill), ASA, PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PC(with glass fill), PC/ABS, PPS, PPA, Elastomers, PPO, POM etc
  • Surface finishing for custom plastic parts: Texture(Mold Tech, Yick-Sang etc.), silk-screen printing, painting and plate etc.
  • Various color as per your samples or RAL, or Pantone

China plastic manufacturing factory SEASKYTOOLING Trade term

  • EXW, FCA ShenZhen, FOB ShenZhen, FOB HongKong, CIF, DDU.


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