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China plastic injection molding manufacturing for custom plastic product manufacturing for global market

China plastic injection molding

SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic injection molding company offer  prototype making plastic injection molding  and mold making for China plastic injection molding company

  • automotive,
  • medical,
  • telecommunications,
  • electronics,
  • computer,
  • industrial,
  • electric,
  • biomedical,
  • construction and consumer industries etc.

Custom plastic product molding secondary process for plastic product manufacturing:

  • Mechanical and Electronic assembly;
  • Ultrasonic welding and Insertion assembly;
  • Thermal welding ( heat staking) and Insertion assembly;
  • Machining parts assembly;
  • Adhesive bonding assembly;
  • Hot stamping
  • Pad printing, Silk-screen printing, painting, plate, anodizing for metal parts

Why choose us China plastic injection molding company for custom plastic product manufacturing?

  • In 12 hours to reply your inquiry
  • Reply all of your questions in 24 hours
  • Project manager with more than ten years experience for mold industry
  • Project manager speak in English
  • More than 14 years injection and mold making for internation market
  • Weekly report with picture for mold manufacturing,
  • Molding parameter report for each mold trial and plastic injection molding production
  •  Dimension report  & samples inspection for each sampling
  • Free charge of Desgin For Manufacture
  • No MOQ for t plastic injection molding
  • Bulk package and custom package are welcome

China plastic injection molding company SEASKYTOOLING flexible trade term:


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FOB ShenZhen,

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