China custom plastic enclosure

  • China custom plastic enclosure
  • Custom plastic enclosure

Custom plastic enclosure manufacturing with plastic injection molding, offer mold manufacturing and protoype.

China custom plastic enclosure manufacturer

  • Professional plastic enclosure manufacturer in China.
  • Working for plastic enclosure manufacturing with injection molding.
  • Offer the plastic enclosure mold making for your molding plant to do the custom.
  • Custom plastic enclosure design based on your idea or draft.
  • Support your custom plastic enclosure prototype manufacturing.

Custom plastic enclosure prototype manufacturing


  • Have the samples to verify and test the custom plastic enclosure design with lowest cost.
  • Use the prototype to assemble your final product to test the function and have exhibition.
  • Plastic casting, CNC machining, SLA and 3D printing for the prototype manufacturing.
  • Choose the most valuable solution based your demand.
  • We can also have decoration such as painting, silk-screen printing(logo print or mark&text print), UV finishing, sand blast finishing(as fine texture) etc. on the prototype.

Plastic enclosure Mold manufacturing


  • Mold manufacturing is the most reasonable solution to the mass production.
  • Professional engineers to work together with you.
  • 14 years plastic injection mold making and molding experience.
  • The most efficient communication solution to work with you.
  • DFM and mold flow analysis to carry out all of the possible issue before the mold design.

Plastic molding

  • We well know different plastic resin performance.
  • We can also specify the plastic resin based on the product’s function and use.
  • Specializing in thermoplastic molding plastic enclosure with all type of thermoplastic including:
    • ABS(with glass fill);
    • Polyethylene(with glass fill);
    • Polypropylene(with glass fill);
    • PC(with glass fill);
    • Rubber;
    • POM;
    • Polystyrene;
    • PBT(wih glass fill);
    • PVC;
    • CPVC;
    • PC/ABS;
    • PPO;
    • Nylon(with glass fill);
    • Acrylic;
    • ASA;
    • UPVC;
    • PPS;
    • etc.
  • Plastic enclosure surface finishing:
    • texture (Mold Tech or Yick-Sang or as per your sample);
    • painting;
    • silk-screen printing(logo print, text or mark print).

Trade term

  • EXW,
  • FCA ShenZhen,
  • FOB ShenZhen,
  • FOB HongKong,
  • CIF,
  • DDU.

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