Plastic products design

Based on our experience served  for lots of customers more than 14 years, lots of customers offer the professional plastic product design drawings for plastic mold quotation and plastic mold quotation.

Also we also faced some of customers offer the plastic product drawing with issue for manufacturing issue, the most of issue is on the plastic product draft and undercut issue. Then what we should pay attention on the draft on the plastic product design on draft.

  • We should assure that all of the surface of plastic product have the draft on the mold release direction, for the surface on the slider, we should assure the draft direction is from the slider release direction. The bigger draft, the less friction force during the tooling release and the better surface.  You can consider the draft based on plastic product function and appearance. We will have more article to introduce the draft design on our blog, please follow us.
  • Texture will affect the draft angle , the deeper texture, the bigger draft angle.

Then what we should pay attention to prevent the undercut which can not be released

We should know that it is not all of the undercut can not be released, lots of undercut can be released by sliders and lifters. We should know that the more undercut means that we should spent more cost on plastic mold manufacturing. Also the injection molding cycle will be increased accordingly.

What kind of service SEASKYTOOLING can support for the plastic product design

  • SEASKYTOOLING also can handle the plastic products design based your idea and draft.
  • We offer free charge of  “Design For manufacture”  with your plastic product manufacturing quotation.
  • Most of engineers have more than ten years experience for plastic mold industry.

Find the best plastic product design supplier

It is best to find the plastic product design supplier locally as it is easier to communicate. Also you can also find the professional plastic product design company who just offer the plastic product design. We also cooperate with lots of plastic product design company offer plastic product manufacturing. Normally the professional plastic product design offer the plastic product design is very good and easier for the plastic product manufacturing as they also have the manufacturing experience.

If you need their contact information, we can offer some of our customers we worked with for you.

Why we suggest plastic product design company for you?

SEASKYTOOLING have the plastic product design service, but we just offer mechanical design as below:

  • Plastic product design as per your samples, then we can have some of fine tune
  • You offer draft, then we can design the 3D drawing and prototype for you.

But the professional local plastic product design company can offer big plastic product design system design the PCB, aesthetic feeling and big product system etc. The most important is that you can communicate with your local plastic product design company.

Why you need have our suggestion for the plastic product design company?

As some of designer did not have the experience of plastic product manufacturing experience such as plastic molding, compression molding and prototype manufacturing etc. Then the design is very worse, not suitable for the manufacture, then we have do lots of modification. It is time waste and you did not have the qualified work from the designer. As we have experience who is good and cooperation, why not to have this information to have good work and save time?


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