Plastic parts manufacturer

SEASKYTOOLING is professional China plastic parts manufacturer,  we customized plastic parts manufacturing for below parts:

  • medical device,
  • automotive,
  • medical,
  • telecommunications,
  • electronics,
  • computer,
  • industrial,
  • biomedical,
  • construction,
  • consumer industries etc.

19+ years experience, ISO 9001-2015, engineers with 15 years experience!

Free design product design analysis! Reply your RFQ in 8 hours or just after you send inquiry.

Specializing hundreds of plastic resin parts manufacturing 

  • ABS(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,
  • Polypropylene(with glass fill),
  • Polyethylene(with glass fill),
  • Polystyrene,
  • Acrylic, PMMA, PET,
  • Acetal,
  • Nylon(with glass fill),
  • PBT(wih glass fill),
  • ASA,
  • PC(with glass fill), SAN, PETG, PCTG
  • PC/ABS,
  • PPS,
  • PPA,
  • Elastomers,
  • POM, Delrin etc.
Medical plastic molding manufacturing plant

Custom plastic parts manufacturing capacity

  • Injection molding
  • Insert molding,
  • Over molding,
  • Unscrewing molding,
  • Rubber molding,
  • Tight tolerance requirements,
  • Hot runner molding,
  • Blow molding,
  • Prototype manufacturing.

1 gram to 1 kg plastic injection molding service for you.

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Mold flow simulation

Find out the possible issue before mold making,

Design for manufacture analysis

  • DFM before injection mold manufacturing,
  • Assure both of us on same page for product development,
  • Short time for mold concept communication,
  • Easy to understand even though you did not understand engineering,
  • Report gate location, insert line and ejector pin mark,


China custom plastic product injection molding manufacturer

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