Plastic parts color affect the injection mold layout

To consider the plastic parts color before mold layout will reduce the production cost and mold cost.

Why plastic parts color affect the plastic injection mold layout?Plastic injection mould manufacturing China

  • The common injection machine just shot one color and one kind of resin in one shot,
  • If you are going to make family mold, then you had better to consider to have same color plastic parts in one mold.
  • If you put different color plastic parts in one mold, this means that you should use the runner switch to shut off the different color plastic parts. This means that it is to build big mold but on the injection molding it can not be used for injection molding in one shot. If you just make hundreds of shots, this is a solution to reduce mold cost, but this solution is not good to reduce the production cost on mass production.

How we should consider the plastic parts color for injection mold layout?

Plastic injection mold multiple-cavity

Plastic injection mold multiple-cavity

  • Have same color plastic parts in one shot, sure it should be the same resin.
  • If you have possible color change, please let your mold maker or your mold layout designer know this, have them to optimize the mold layout.
  • You can review our injection mold cavity page and family mold page to understand more technique information to optimize the mold layout.



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