Plastic mould hot runner system

Hot runner is by heating way to guarantee the runner and gate of maintain the molten plastic.

What is the advantage of plastic mould hot runner system?

  • Save raw material, reduce cost
  • Shorten the plastic molding cycle, improve the efficiency of the injection machine
  • Improve the plastic product surface quality and mechanical properties
  • Use the pin point gate without three plate mold system
  • To be economically to the side gate forming a single product
  • Improve automation
  • Available needle valve gate control gate freeze
  • Multi-cavity mold plastic parts quality consistency
  • To improve the surface quality of injection molding products
  • Easier to do the revise injection for plastic product manufacturing

What is the disadvantage of plastic mould hot runner system?

Hot runner plastic injection molding

Hot runner plastic injection molding

  • Plastic mould with complicated structure, high cost, high maintenance costs
  • The boot process will need a period of time for more stable, resulting in waste
  • Melt leakage, heating element failure, impact on product quality and production progress greatly

Who is the famous provider for the plastic mould hot runner system?

DME ,HASCO ,INCOE ,YUDO,Synventive, HUSKY, Mastip and MOLDMASTER etc. We SEASKYTOOLING just purchase the plastic mould hot runner system from qualified supplier, also they should have the international after-sales service for our customer.

How to design the plastic mould hot runner system during the plastic mould manufacturing?

Hot runner plastic injection mold

Hot runner plastic injection mold

Normally plastic mold supplier offer the plastic mold layout for the hot runner system supplier to design the plastic mold hot runner system. Once they finished the hot runner system, plastic mold supplier will get the hot runner system 3D and 2D drawing as well as the specification.

During the plastic mold hot runner system design, we did not suggest to cut mold base as the mold base size or mold plate thickness may be changed if the plastic mold hot runner system is not confirmed. If the time is very rush for the plastic mold manufacturing, the cooperation between the plastic mold supplier and hot runner system provide is very important to short the lead time. SEASKYTOOLING have very good cooperation with hot runner system provider as we purchase more hundred sets of hot runner system with them, also we have more than ten years mold manufacturing service for international customers.

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