Plastic mold company in China for US customers

Everyday there are lots of customers are searching plastic mold company in China to have cooperation for plastic mold manufacturing and plastic molding manufacturing.

SEASKYTOOLING is plastic mold company in China whose core business is plastic mold making and plastic molding, the most of plastic molds we made for is automotive and electronics.

During these years, we keep our team from 100 to 200 worker to serve our customers as we think this is good and gold number to manage plastic mold and plastic molding manufacturing team.

Customers would like to find long term relationship plastic mold company in China

We think all of customers would like to find the best plastic mold company in China with reasonable price and absolute reliable quality and service. Based on this, our team have the free charge of service for our new customers as well, we are willing to tell our customers plastic product design issue when we did not know if customers will choose us or not, anyhow we think it is really happy things to do if we can help someone, right now it is a basic service in SEASKYTOOLING.

We understand sometimes customers limit on the investment cost on plastic mold manufacturing and plastic molding

As above head time, we understand this. This is also the reason why SEASKYTOOLING offer the honesty price, and always we standard by customers side to consider the cost saving solution without affect quality, also we will analyse different solution on cost, quality, lead time, product life and mold life etc, we would like to let you know what kind of risky or things will happen with different solution, then you can choose the most valuable solution to start your plastic product development and your investment.

Professional 100-200 team working for famous customers, more than 50% customers recommend new customers

During these 14 years, we worked with lots of famous customers such as Landor, FedEx, ETAS, Steelcase etc. To be honest not big customers have high price for us, we are always offer the valuable service based on customers’ demand.

We also servered lots of medium-sized customers in US who is leader on one of industry.

Sure we offered lots of personal customers as well, we support them to start their first plastic product or mechanical assembly products.

The reason why we can do this, we know it is that we offer custom service for each customers and always keep customers posted on project as well as quality control etc.


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