Plastic injection molding color quantities affect the unit pricePlastic injection molding color pantone book

During the plastic part development, if you choose the plastic injection molding process to manufacture plastic parts. You should understand  the more plastic injection molding color on the same production quantity is more expensive than one color production.

Why more expensive to order more colors?

Because there is additional cost during the multiple color production based on same quantity such as:

Mold set up charge include:

  • Labor cost to clean the plastic injection machine barrel to change color,
  • Pigment cost (inclue the labor cost to deploy pigment and pigment cost),
  • The labor cost and machine cost to shot samples to match your color samples.

Based on above to change color is silimar thing to set up the mold again to have production, this is the reason most of injection molder calculate the plastic parts unit price based on production quantities on each color but not the total quantities for whole colors.

How to optimize the plastic injection molding color to have competitive price?

  • Obviously, you can have less color. You can choose the best color to start our market and have more market inquiry to get what color will be best to start.
  • If it is family mold, you can put the same color on the same mold and consider the cavity quantites based on your dosage for the final assembly product.

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