Plastic injection mold textures

What is plastic injection mold textures?

Plastic injection mold texture plate from Yick-Sang

Plastic injection mold texture is a kind of plastic injection mold surface finishing to landscape plastic product surface. In English, we also call plastic injection mold texture as mould texture, mold texture, mould texturing and mold texturing.

Application of plastic injection mold textureInjection plastic mold texture plate from Yick-Sang

  • Promote plastic parts appearance and texture
  • Decorative plastic injection products, make the products more beautiful and elegant;
  • To overcome the defect of the printing and painting is easy to wear off
  • To meet the visual requirements: as smooth as mirror product surface scratch easily, easily stained with dust and fingerprints, but also the defect of blemish, flow mark and surface ripples on the smooth surface in the injection molding process expose easily.While some leather grain, orange peel, wood grain and matt finishing etc.  decorative pattern can be hidden plastic injection products defect as above said, make the product appearance to meet the needs of vision.
  • Production pattern (plastic injection mold texture) can make the product surface and cavity surface area accommodated a little air without forming a vacuum adsorption, this will make the demoulding easier.
  • Anti-skid, anti rotation, has a good feel
  • Made of pitting or sub surface, prevent light reflection, eliminate eye fatigue and so on

We can see lots of plastic products with texture such as office document equipment, recorder, video machines, cameras, car anti-collision frame, mirror, flower pot, tableware.

Plastic injection mold texture solution in China and how to communication for plastic injection mold texture during mold manufacturingInjection mold texture plate from Yick-Sang

In China, there are lots of plastic injection mold texture company such as Yick-Sang, M-Tex Group and Yuan Su etc.  

US customers would like to use the Mold Tech texture. In China the texture company can make plastic mold texture as per the Mold Tech texture and your samples. Also SEASKYTOOLING Group China mold make can also offer the China plastic mold texture plate for your reference.

In Europe, as per our experience there are lots of customers have Mold Tech and VDI as texture reference. SEASKYTOOLING China mold supplier also understand this, you just need to offer the reference number, then we can have the texture.

Plastic injection mold texture in China is very mature industry. Some of the plastic injection mold texture have more than 20 years experience for plastic injection mold texture for automotive, electronic, medical device etc. various plastic mold.

If you need to point the plastic injection mold texture company such as Mold Tech and Nihon etc.  for us to make the plastic mold texture. It is also not problem for us. There are lots of oversea texture company in China have the factory to offer the plastic mold texturing service.

SEASKYTOOLING China mold supplier just choose the qualified texture company and what we choose we will let you know.

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