Plastic injection mold life

What is plastic injection mold life?

Generally, the plastic injection mold life  we are talking about is that how many injection molding shots we can produce by the plastic injection mold.

How to calculate a plastic injection mold life?

Before to talk about this, we should understand what is the plastic injection mold cavity. Plastic injection mold cavity quantities is how many parts we can get from one shots.

Now we can talk about the plastic injection mold life calculation. For examples, if a plastic cap injection mold cavity is 6, our demand is to produce 600,000 piece of plastic cap. Then our plastic cap mold life is 600,000/6=100,000 shots.

What will affect plastic injection mold life?

Plastic injection mold life

Plastic injection mold life

There are lots of things will affect and define plastic injection mold life, we just list the major issue and what is very useful to understand here.

  • Plastic injection mold steel
  • Plastic injection mold cavity
  • Injection mold base steel
  • Injection mold cooling line surface finishing and steel used for cooling plate and cooling components
  • Plastic injection molding process
  • Plastic resin used for plastic injection molding production
  • Plastic injection mold structure have sliders,CAMs, locks, hydraulic or mechanical core pulls  etc.
  • Plastic injection mold tolerance
  • Is there any soft Beryllium inserts?
  • How often is the production interrupted due to part hang up and removal?
  • Does the mold have moving slides, cams, locks, hydraulic or mechanical core pulls?
  • Plastic injection mold venting
  • Plastic injection mold maintenance

What we should specify during plastic injection mold inquiry for plastic injection mold life to have accurate plastic mold price?

We heard lots of friends complain that they have lots of plastic injection mold price in China and have very big difference for the plastic mold price? Why this? Most of issue is because we did not specify the plastic mold life and the injection mold specification what will affect the plastic mold life.

Then what is the major things we should specified for plastic mold life? I think we should spcify below:

  • Plastic injection mold cavity
  • plastic mold steel or core and cavity
  • Plastic mold base steel and plastic mold base standard
  • Plastic injection mold life

If I can not understand these things, how can I do?

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