Plastic clean room molding

SEASKYTOOLING is Shenzhen China medical injection molder. We have class 100000 ISO 8 clean room medical lab plastics molding plant. We specilized in medical disposables plastic parts molding and clear plastic molding in clean room injection molding factory.

Till to Nov. 2019,  we offer 1 gram to 600 gram plastic molding production in our clean room. We have 90ton to 250 ton (Haitian and FAUNC) injection molding machine in clean room. Always we invest our injection molding plant to meet our new customers’ needs. We are contract medical plastic manfuactuer for North Americal, Europe, Oceania and China.

Clean room injection molding plant ChinaWe customize our injection machine to be reliable production for PC, PCTG, PP and PS etc. transparent plastic molding.  Our customized injection machine is 30% more stable and faster than standard injection machine. Please kindly review below to understand our capacity of medical plastic molding and clear plastic molding.

Medical plastic molding in Clean room

We make following OEM medical plastic molding parts in clean room.

  • Medical kit,
  • biometrics plastic parts manufacture,
  • Medical disposables plastic parts,
  • One time used plastic labware etc.

Except for medical plastic molding, we also offer prototype manufacturing for medical plastic device. We can produce  your medical plastic parts based on your drawing. Also we can optimize your plastic product for production by using DFM and mold flow simulation. Most of engineers or designers in SEASKYTOOLING have more than 15 years experience.


Clear plastic molding in Clean Room.

Our customized Haitian injection machine and FAUNC machine is specilized in clear plastic molding with PC, PCTG, PS, SAN and PMMA etc. resin. This will assure our optic plastic lenses with high quality.

Clear plastic molding glassClear plastic molding lens

In house mold manufacturing to support injection molding in Clean Room.

SEASKYTOOLING have in house mold manufacturing. We have 19+ years for plastic injection mold manufacture experience for north America and Europe. Our strong mold making team support us to have high quality and reliable injection mold for injection molding in clean room. Also it is quick to repair mold to prevent cessation of production. You can watch below video to understand more for our injection mold manufacture.

Design for manufacture for plastic molding parts in Clean Room.

Design for manufacture (we call it DFM) is a process to analyze plastic product design based on injection mold design experience. We will offer a easy understanding report to you to optimize plastic product design. It is picture with words, it is easy to understand even though you do not have experience for injection molding. You can also have us to optimize your plastic product design to offer 3D drawing back to you for approval.

Below video to show you a example for DFM report.

Mold flow simulation for injection molding medical parts.

Mold flow simulation is to use mold flow software to simulate plastic injection molding process for your medical plastic parts mold design. Generally the simuation is based defined gate location, water cooling line, clamping force and injection pressure etc. production process. It is easy to find out where we should optimize on product design and mold design. After this simulation, we will offer a reprot to you as well. It is picture with words, also it is quite easy to understand too. Please kindly watch below video to understand more.

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