Need wordwide plastic product design partner

SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic mold manufacturer offer mold manufacturing, injection molding, plastic product design, assembly and package for plastic products. Also we would like to offer the good end user UEO, we would like to have strategic partner to cooperate.

Why we need plastic product design partner ?

  • Though we have plastic product design in house, but we can not handle all kinds of plastic product design.
  • We trust the professional guys can handle the professional things with low cost and high efficiency . It is like our core business is mold making and injection molding, it is competitive.
  • We would like to have the end inventor can communicate with the local plastic product designer with competitive price and professional communication.
  • Cooperation and resources integration are main current.
  • We cooperate with lots of plastic product design company, and successful for this, we hope to cooperate with more, then we can offer more high quality products and service with competition.

 What we request for plastic product designer partner?

  • Personal or cooperation are welcome
  • For personal company, you need to have at least two years experience for the plastic product design experience.
  • For the cooperation, at least you should run your company more than two years.
  • Sign the NDA with the inventor what we suggest.

What we can do for plastic product design partner?

We will suggest to end inventor to you based the agreement with the inventor.

Plastic kindly fill the below form if you are interested on above. We will contact you in three working days.

Fill out my online form.
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Major in machinery and tooling in university from 2001 to 2004; Worked for plastic mold design, mold manufacturing and mold and production project management from 2003 to 2008; Working for mold marketing and mold project management from 2008 till now My facebook page