Moving molds to SEASKYTOOLING for injection

Can SEASKYTOOLING accept to move molds for production?

Yes, we can.  To prevent the misunderstanding and both of us are happy for the cooperation, we should have close communication for the mold moving.New injection mold

How to move molds to SEASKYTOOLING for injection?

Before you move the molds to SEASKYTOOLING, we should understand your situation.

1, If your supplier have no ability to finish the mold making for your product? Also you have lots of trouble on the mold making and cooperation.

There will be following things may happen:

1, Have cost to repair the mold or correct mold,

2, Remake the mold if the quality is too bad,

Please try to have following things from your current supplier:

  • 2D mold drawing,
  • 3D mold drawing,
  • Electrode,
  • Mold modification your supplier did on your molds,
  • Final molding parameter report,
  • Final inspection report for your product,
  • Final samples from the latest mold trial,
  • Mold trial video if it is possible.

Your supplier may have ability to offer this, please try what you will have to offer to us.

You should also offer following information:

  • Final part drawing include 2d & 3d for the mold making,
  • Specify what the problem you faced on the engineering of mold making & injection molding,

If it is possible, please arrange following things, you had better arrange a mold trial in your current mold factory, and have us to present the mold trial.

You may not arrange above due to bad cooperation, but anyhow we can support you to solve the issues.  But before mold moving, SEASKYTOOLING have to understand if we have ability to solve the issues. If not, we will tell you first to prevent unhappy things happen again.

SEASKYTOOLING want to be honesty to support you.

2, If your supplier have just no capacity to do injection molding, but for mold quality is good.

If so, then it should be easier to arrange the things on point 1.  SEASKYTOOLING  want to be honesty to cooperate with you.

Before moving molds, SEASKYTOOLING will offer the unit price based on your demand and mold layout.

Regarding moving molds, please kind noted below:

SEASKYTOOLING will not undertake cost to repair the mold due to bad quality caused by your supplier.

SEASKYTOOLING did not undertake the additional cost caused by less lacking document.

You should undertake the cost for mold trial to verify the mold quality.

The most important for moving molds cooperation between you and SEASKYTOOLING.



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