Insert plastic molding solution:

Insert plastic molding is a injection molding process to have inserts as below to have over molding process.Insert plastic molding-metal fasteners

  • Aluminum, copper, and stainless steel inserts;
  • Knurled inserts;
  • Metal shafts insert;
  • Threaded brass;
  • Metal fasteners;
  • Color options plastic inserts.

What kind of resin you can use for insert plastic molding:

There are lots of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic resin can be used for insert plastic molding such as :

  • ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, PVC, TPE, TPU, TPV and ASA etc. thermoplastic resin
  • Bakelite, Silicone, NBR and EPDM etc. thermoset resin

Insert injection molding guideline:Metal inserts overmolding

Insert injection molding is similar as plastic injection molding, but there is a over molding process to have the plastic over molding on the metal inserts. You can review and understand the common injection molding  on

On the insert plastic molding plastic product design process, you should consider plastic molding process and make it is easier for work and cost saving

  • Please make sure it is possible and easier to put the insert into the injection mold for injection production
  • Assure that it is possible and easier to take out the overmolded plastic parts from the mold
  • If you need to have robot to put the insert into mold and take out the overmolded part from mold, please consider this on the mold design. You had Brass nut insert plastic moldingbetter consider this with your plastic product designer on the insert molded plastic part designing process.
  • Please make sure the time to put the inserts into plastic injection mold is shorter than the time of resin plasticizing time. Otherwise there will yellow color on transparent part and changing the resin performance.
  • You can use fixture or robots to put the inserts into plastic injection mold to short the cycle time of injection molding if it is mass production.
  • Consider the fitting between the inserts and mold carefully to make sure that there is no flashing and mold inserts is not easier to be broken.
  • Make the separated mold inserts on the insert fitting area. Then it is easier to change if it is broken, then you do not need to change the whole core or cavity in case of fitting area is broken.
  • Insert injection molding machine is the same as the common injection molding machine.

How to control the cost the insert plastic molding cost?Metal insert plastic injection molding

On the insert injection molding guideline, we already have the solution to control cost. We will have some of summary here

  • To short the lead time of insert  injection molding on big quantities insert plastic molding production, you can use fixture or robots to short the time to put the insert into the mold.
  • If you would like to have the insert plastic molding for small quantities production, you do not need to consider the robots or complex fixtures to put the inserts.
  • If the time to put the inserts into the mold longer than the rein plasticizing time, you have to consider to use fixture or robots to short the time to put the inserts into plastic mould.

How to inquiry insert plastic molding production to get the competitive price and short the communication with your China mold supplier?

  • Prepare both  inserts drawing and overmolded inserts plastic product drawing for your China mold supplier.
  • Normally all of China mold supplier can accept the 2D drawing in DWG , PDF and JPEG format and 3D drawing in IGES, STEP and X_T format.
  • Tell your China mold supplier how many quantities you need to order each time.
  • Tell your Chna mold factory insert plastic injection mold life.
  • Specify how many color and what color is for the plastic product, if you need multiple color, just tell them.
  • Most of China mold company know the Pantone and RAL color reference.
  • For more information for plastic manufacturing inquiry tips, please kindly review our quotation category.
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