Injection plastic mold base steel

This mold base specification is defined based on SEASKYTOOLING and China mold suppliers’ service for the international mold manufacturing market.

  • #1 steel mold base: S50C (1050/1.1730– 13-18HRC) for all of mold base plates.
  • #2 steel mold base: All of mold plates are used P20 steel (28-32 HRC) except rail and bottom clamping plate, ejector retainer plate.( Once the knock out have threads without adapter, ejector retainer has to be P20 steel)
  • #3 steel mold base: Same as #2 steel, but A, B plate are P20 steel pre-hardness (LKM P20HH) 32-34HRC
  • #7steel mold base: A,B plate and all of plates with cooling line have to be 420h steel (32-34HRC)
  • Hot runner mold base: If there is hot runner on injection mold base, then the hot runner plate can be used #1(AISI 1050) steel, the other mold plate can be refer to above standard.
  • #2 A steel mold base: A,B plate and runner plate is P20 steel (28-32 HRC) , the other is S50C



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