Injection mold base

Injection mold base is the standard mold frame for plastic injection mold.  It is not the plastic injection molding components, it is the plastic mold components to fix the injection molding components, ejection components, guide system,runner system, venting system, cooling system and heating system etc.

Why there is injection mold base?

With the development of the injection mold industry, there is a need to have faster manufacture and cost saving, then the standard parts and mold industry standard was born. Then the standard parts mold base, ejector system and lots of standard mold components were produced. These increase the mold manufacture efficiency and improve the injection mold quality.

Who is the plastic injection mold base company?

As the mold industry increasingly fine division of labor, there is lots of mold base company just produce the mold base and standard mold components. For examples, There are lots of famous mold base company DME, HASCO and LKM etc.

Plastic injection mold base company in China and plastic mold base standard in China?

In China there is also lots of mold base company, thereinto LKM is the biggest and most qualified mold base company. They also have their standard mold base.  Also there are lots of the other qualified mold base company in China such as Pingjing and Minglee. There are lots of smaller mold base supplier in China, and they also offer the qualified mold base and cost competitive.  Right now, China mold base quality is qualified and technique is mature.

China mold base is the metric standard mold base, all of the components including screws, mold plate size and guide pin etc. is metric.

I tracked mold manufacturing quality from our customers about 7 years, they also have feedback the China standard mold base quality is good. The good voice is that the China mold base quality is much better than ten years ago.

China mold base used for the export injection mold for Asia, Europe, America and Oceania

Plastic injection mold base

Plastic injection mold base

As the open and reform of China, there are lots of buyer in the world to buy and develop the plastic injection mold in China.  China mold base also have a good development. Right now, lots of customers from Europe and America accept China standard mold base.  Why this, compare to import mold base and oversea brand mold base, China standard mold base is from 5times to 10 times cheaper.

Compromise solution for mold base of Europe and America customers. There are lots of friends in America and Europe would like to choose China standard mold base with their own guide system, then they can change the guide pin, guide bushing and screws etc. standard parts in their own country.  For this kind of mold base, sometimes it is two times even more expensive than the China standard mold base.

As my personal experience for the mold manufacturing experience, after the year 2008, there are more and more oversea mold buyer use China standard mold base, this scale increase very fast. I was join into the oversea mold manufacturing marketing from 2003, this is for your reference of my point of view for the China standard mold base development.

In Australia and New Zealand as well as Asia, Most of the friends  who worked for molds I communicated well know the LKM brand(China mold base company) as well as the steel from LKM.  In these area, the mold standard is not like Europe and North America(there is only one mold standard). It feels likes there are lots of mold standard, sometimes they go with DME componets, sometimes it is HASCO, sometimes it is China local standard.

What kind of steel used for plastic injection mold base?

In China, the standard mold base is made with S50C steel, it is like 1050 in US and 1.1730 in Europe. The custom mold base can be lots of kind of mold steel, but normally it should be local P20 and 420SS. We can choose this based on our demand.

In US, there is common to use the 4140 for mold base. But it is not common to use the steel for mold base in China.

We have more information for plastic mold base steel on our following article, please follow us.

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