How to start plastic parts manufacturing?

SEASKYTOOLING is China plastic injection molding factory and plastic injection mold factory. Plastic injection molding and plastic mold making are our core business.  We will talk about how to start to make plastic parts made by plastic injection molding today.

Plastic parts manufacturing solution

To the manufacturing technique you should choose

Once we have ideas or drawings for the plastic parts manufacturing, we should know what kind of plastic parts manufacturing solution we should choose. This is very important, and this will affect the cost we spent the plastic part manufacturing. As we know, there are lots of plastic part manufacturing process to have plastic parts manufacturing such as prototype making solution, plastic injection molding solution, blow molding solution, thermoforming solution and compression molding etc.  You may understand these manufacturing process on our page”How to make plastic parts

What Seasky can help and advantage?

SEASKYTOOLING can help you find out the most valuable solution for plastic parts manufacturing. If it is not we are specialized. We will tell you can search the other plastic parts manufacturing company and what best solution you should choose. 

Our core business is plastic injection molding and plastic injection mold making. Also we helped customers to make silicone parts, thermoforming, blow molding,\ and compression molding etc. We well know the advantage and manufacturing process of each plastic parts. 

How to start the plastic parts manufacturing before the plastic injection mold making?

As the plastic parts manufacturing by injection molding have lots of work and need lots of machines to make the injection mold and do the injection molding, then the plastic parts manufacturing by injection molding can not be made by personal. It should be made in injection molding factory and injection mold making factory. 

 Before the plastic parts manufacturing, we should have the plastic part design, if we did not know if our plastic part design will work or not, we can have the plastic prototype manufacturing. For the plastic prototype making process, you can review the page “plastic prototype manufacturing” to know more. This is a cheap solution to have the samples as per our design without mold making.

Seasky also have the plastic part design team, we can design the plastic part based on your idea or draft. If you have this demand, you can contact us.


How to prepare the document for the injection molding supplier for plastic parts manufacturing quotation?

You should prepare details document for injection molding supplier for the plastic parts manufacturing, the more details you offered, the more competitive and accurate price you can get. Normally we should offer following information:

The quantities you need, you should estimated how many parts you need based on your marketing eyes. You can also show your idea and expected quantities.

The funcation of your plastic parts, if you would not like to tell your injection molding supplier this information, you should let them know the resin used for your plastic parts.

Offered the plastic part drawing in IGES, STEP or X_T , this is common 3D drawing format, it is easy for your injection mold supplier to open. You can also offer the 2D drawing in DWG, JPG, or PDF etc.

There are more information you can offer, there is article for “plastic mold quotation” on, I think this will solve all of your doubt for this.


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