How to make your own plastic parts

Whole answers for how to make your own plastic parts.

Answers in mind to make your own plastic parts( first step to consider to make your own plastic parts)

Once you find this page, you should have some of plastic parts to make. Before to find the solution and supplier to make the plastic parts. We should figure out following question by yourself:

  • How many plastic parts you need?
  • What kind of secondary process you need for the plastic parts such as painting, plate, assembly and package etc.
  • Surface finishing like texture and polishing.
  • Your own plastic parts function and application

Why to have answers for above question before making your own plastic parts:

For plastic parts quantities:

Injection molding part

Injection molding part

This will help to you to choose the right solution to make the plastic parts.

For examples, if you need 1 sets of plastic parts. You may choose the CNC machining or 3D printing to make your own plastic parts. It should be most reasonable solution to make plastic parts. If you need 5 sets of plastic parts, you may choose the plastic casting process to make the plastic parts. If you need the 5000 sets plastic parts, you should choose to make the steel mold to have mass production for plastic parts manufacturing, there are lots of mass plastic parts manufacturing production such as blow molding, extrusion, injection molding, thermoform and compression molding etc.

On the prototype manufacturing process(the process you need to make a few piece to test plastic parts or just for your  own), you should also consider the plastic parts structure to make the plastic parts. If you need know this more, you should understand each manufacturing process of prototyping.

On the mass production, sure you should also choose the reasonable and suitable solution to make plastic parts. You should consider the plastic part structure, plastic parts quality, surface finishing and secondary process etc, then to choose right solution to make your own plastic parts.

For the secondary process:

You should consider the plastic parts manufacturing solution based on your secondary process. For examples, for some of raw material such as PP and PE etc., it is no good to have painting.  Also some of your plastic parts manufacturer limit on the secondary manufacturing process and they do not have capability to outsource, then you should find the secondary process by yourself or you have to change manufacturer.

For surface finishing:

You had to consider this before to choose the plastic parts manufacturing process. For examples, if you need transparent plastic parts with injection molding, then you should choose the transparent resin to make plastic parts. Then you should consider the mold steel to use 420 stainless steel to make the core and cavity, then you have perfect and high quality mirror polishing mold, then it is possible to have the transparent parts made.

For plastic parts function and application

You had better to tell your plastic parts manufacturer the plastic parts function and application.  Then you have one more party to consider the cost saving, lead time,  quality and risky etc. together with you. Sure your professional plastic parts manufacturer will also consider the whole design and production for your own plastic parts, you will save time and have less risky for your plastic parts manufacturing.

Regarding that how to make your own plastic parts, the easy answers is that you should understand each of plastic parts manufacture process, then you have reasonable and suitable solution. If you are not going to spend too much time to learn that, you should find a suitable supplier to support you.

Regarding various plastic parts manufacture process, we also share on our blog, you can search what you are interesting to know more. Also we will appreciate your comment to share more.

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