How to make plastic molds

Plastic molds is to the mass production tooling for plastic parts manufacturing.

There are a few process to make plastic molds such as DFM analysis, Mold flow analysis, plastic mold design, plastic mold base order, plastic mold steel order, heat treatment, standard parts purchase,  CNC machining, wire cutting, EDM, mold fitting, mold assembly and mold test etc.

DFM analysis, Mold flow analysis, plastic mold design

 Plastic mold DFM analysis is “Design For Manufacture” Analysis. This process is find out the possible plastic product design issue and optimize the plastic product design.

Plastic mold Mold flow analysis is to simulate running the plastic injection molding by the ” Mold flow” software in computer to find out the plastic product design issue and optimize the plastic product design. Also the plastic mold flow simulation can find out the mold design concept issue and optimize it.  You can also review our this Plastic mold flow analysis-one cavity for reference.

Plastic mold design is very important for the plastic mold making, this will also decide the plastic mold quality. SEASKYTOOLING do give importance on the plastic mold design, most of our engineer have more ten years for the mold industry to make sure we have reliable plastic mold design and find out the possible issue before the plastic mold making and optimize the plastic product design to offer the most valuable plastic mold solution.

Plastic mold manufacturing weekly report

Platic chair mould making weekly report with picture

Platic chair mould making weekly report with picture

In SEASKYTOOLING, wee offer the plastic mold manufacturing progress report with picture and time line update each week fore below process. Then you can understand all of plastic mold making progress and time line.

Plastic mold base order

Nowadays there are lots of mold base supplier to manufacture plastic mold base. Also there are a few famous mold base supplier such as LKM, HASCO and DME etc.  Predominantly current plastic mold supplier no need to manufacture the plastic mold base in house as there is standard mold base or have the mold base to have custom mold base. Also there is still have mold supplier to manufacture plastic mold base in house as they can control the mold base cost. In China there are some of mold company sale both plastic mold base and plastic mold.

Plastic mold steel order

There are also lots of famous and qualified plastic mold steel supplier such as LKM, FINKL, ASSAB and SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH etc.  The mold steel choice should be based on the plastic resin you used and mold life you need. In SEASKYTOOLING, our engineers will have suggestion for you and check the steel you used for mold manufacturing.  Generally it should be 3 to 7working days to order the plastic mold steel.

Plastic mold steel heat treatment

Normally, it is just the through hardness steel have be hardened after rough manufacture to increase the hardness. Generally the steel is not hardened when the steel leave the steel factory if it is not prehardhess steel. You can have below steel list to understand the mold steel.

LKM plastic injection mould steel    SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH injection mould making steel

After you studied above two mold steel list, then you should have some idea for the mold steel selection. Sure our engineers will offer the steel choice for you as well. The hardness more than 44HRC, we call through hardness steel, but normally in SEASKYTOOLING we heat treated the steel to HRC48-58 according to the different steel and your demand.  Also we will offer the heat treatment certification for you. Seven years ago, we have a customer who purchase the molds from the other China mold factory with the hardness issue, we show our honesty to said that if we have the hardness issue, you can reject the mold, we have cooperation with this customer till now as we always said the truth for the hardness and provide the certification.

Plastic mold standard parts order

There are lots of standard parts in the plastic mold such as ejector pin, latch lock and water quick connector etc. There are lots of this standard parts supplier in China, also in China all kind of standard parts such as DME and HASCO etc. can be purchased locally. SEASKYTOOLING just purchase the standard parts from qualified supplier, also we are willing to have feedback for the mold quality, then we can evaluate our supplier for the standard parts.

Plastic mold hot runner system order

Once the mold design is approved. We should purchase the hot runner system as well. We just purchased the plastic mold hot runner system from qualified supplier such as DME ,HASCO ,INCOE ,YUDO,Synventive, HUSKY and MOLDMASTER etc. If it is customer pointed brand hot runner system, this can also be welcome.

Normally the lead time to purchase the plastic hot runner system is four weeks. Sometimes the plastic mold hot runner supplier can finished within 3weeks and we get it in house.

Roughly machining for plastic mold manufacturing

This include the rough machining for mold base, core and cavity of plastic mold. After roughly manufacture, we will heat treat the core and cavity to have the accurate manufacturing.

CNC machining on plastic mold making, EDM manufacturing, Wire cutting 

CNC machinie

CNC machinie

CNC machining use computer controls to cut plastic mold steel to manufacture the plastic mold. They are able to translate programs consisting of specific number and letters to move the spindle to various locations and depths. This is a very accurate manufacture process.Till now SEASKYTOOLING have ten sets of CNC machine include 3 sets of high speed CNC machine. 

Electric discharge machining (EDM), sometimes colloquially also referred to as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process in which a desired shape is obtained using electrical discharges (sparks). Material is removed from the workpiece by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric fluid and subject to an electric voltage. One of the electrodes is called the tool-electrode, or simply the ‘tool’ or ‘electrode’, while the other is called the workpiece-electrode, or ‘workpiece’. 

Also known as wire cutting EDM, wire burning EDM, or traveling wire EDM, this process uses spark erosion to machine or remove material with a traveling wire electrode from any electrically conductive material. The wire electrode usually consists of brass or zinc-coated brass material

Plastic mold assembly and mold fitting

Plastic mold fitting analysis

Plastic mold fitting analysis

Mold fitting process is a process to inspect the mold parting line  fit of  core and cavity as well as sliders to prevent flash issue of injection molding.

 Plastic mold trial

Plastic mold trial is the plastic mold test to inspect all of above is work. If all of above is perfect, you will have a good shot on the plastic mold trial, otherwise there should be some of issue, we should improve the issue.   In SEASKYTOOLING, we will record the plastic molding parameter, take the plastic mold test video and inspect the samples, all of this report will be submitted to you with the samples.

SEASKYTOOLING also have the plastic mold trial engineers who also worked for the mold trial more than ten years work for the plastic mold trial. This make sure we can record, organize the engineer and offer solution for the improving very fast.  As above said most of our engineers have more ten years for the mold, this make sure that our customers is safe under the lowest risky.

Plastic mold trial

Plastic mold trial


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