Four Tips for plastic mould inquiry your other supplier nill you know

You should discover that once you inquiry plastic mold cost from China, you will have lots of different plastic mold cost, the most important thing is that the prices have very big difference. Why this?

Specify more details for plastic mold specification for injection mold inquiryPlastic mold cost

Specify what kind of standard mold base you need for your molds.

You can read plastic injection mold base on our blog to understand this more and see what this affect the mold price.

Specify what kind of steel you need more plastic mold core and cavity

You can know more about this on our plastic injection mold steel[/tooltip] page.

Specify the cavity quantities you need

As per our experience, more than 80% customer can do this very well. In case of that you are not professional on this, you have to pay attention on the injection mold cavity from different China mold makers.  You can read our injection mold cavity on our blog to know more about what the plastic mold cavity influence for the mold price.

Specify the injection mold life on plastic mold inquiry

Mold life is one of major factor to affect the mold cost.  This also affect the steel we choosed for injection mold manufacturing. You can read plastic injection mold life on our blog to understand this more.

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